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September 24 May 23 The conversation being interrupted often by him having to serve customers at the hot and at the tables. By now I was on my third glass. I asked Carlos what he would recommend for my dinner. He suggested that I had a few tapas instead of a meal as hot would give me a taste of many different things.

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Is there another one nearby that is more quiet? But they are quiet. You won't be able to get drinks and food at them though. How do I get to them? He grinned and said "But you can do that here in San Jose, you don't have to go anywhere else. And you can come here for your lunch! I'd feel very awkward about it. Park there and follow the path down to the beach.

It's quite a long walk, so not many people go there, they are too lazy! Through my slightly fuzzy brain I wondered if that was the beginning of a chat up?

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