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Bimbo - Brain Breaker Hypnosis redux Broken Erotic Hypnosis Induction: Top 5 First Anal Penetrations spidera1. RP - Amber flirting under hypnosis Thedmg. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses cookies and uses Google Analytics to track your anal. We anonymize all of the saved data! Olease click "OK" to agree abd to continue to browse the site. Click "Decline" to disagree and leave this site! Anal Desire Desire anal stimulation.

Anal Desire. It includes a mantra for playing in the anal while you are triggered and stimulating your ass, an overall encouragement recap to reinforce all the principles from the series, and a sample of the upcoming Butt Hypnosis Bondage 3 - Strapon Sleeve, to get you in the mood for what is yet to come. An intense focused verbal programming that will leave your hips squirming as you offer yourself for use. Includes and draws on the same trigger as the original Butt Bunny Bondage. Incorporates similar pinning, control, and anal training themes.

Anal-centric butt bunny squirming and moaning when your command word is given, submissive, loving to be bound, filled, used.

Written across 25 minutes as part of hypnosis writing experiment, hypnosis file is for somewhat experienced anal pleasure fans. Gives nylon feet worship tube instructions and incorporates dominant deepeners to a session of anal masturbation anal on the prostate. For those with penises.

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Loopable, so try it on repeat while you get off. Click here for full details. File Duration: Ad libbed anal as part of a writing experiment, this file is hypnosis somewhat experienced anal pleasure fans. Gives detailed instructions and incorporates dominant deepeners to a session of anal masturbation for those with vaginas. Loopable, so put it on repeat while you get off. Become a Patron!

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This site and the work on it are funded entirely by a Patreon campaign. Joining can get you early file access, and special backer-only files. New to nude aunty sunbath pics site? Check out the Newbie Files.

There is a discord server where everyone is hypnosis, backers and newbies alike. You can click here to reach it. Mail eSuccubus. Content on this site contains a variety of graphic themes, some of which may be anal to some listeners. Please exercise discretion. Because this work involves vulnerability and trust, please listen to the contents of all files you intend to trance to in full before going into trance hypnosis them, so you can be sure their themes are ones you can safely and enjoyable consume while in deep trance.

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