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Aang and Bumi dueling over the fate of Katara and Sokka. Haru earthbending. The prison rig where Haru was detained. Iroh being captured by Earth Kingdom soldiers.

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Shyuthe Fire Sage who helped Team Avatar. The waterbending scroll. Jet using his hook swords to take down two Fire Nation soldiers. Jet 's treetop hideout. Lieutenant Jee preparing to spar with Zuko. Tashi complaining about Aang 's lack of training to Pasang. I could feed this pee into your bladder until it bursts. Azula gasped at the feeling of urine on her peehole. She gasped as steamy warmth spreading throughout her urethra, spilling and gushing into her pee-pouch and rapidly filling it to bursting point.

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Metallic beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she struggled to contain nude ocean of pee that was exhausting her poor bladder. She had never had to pee pee bad in her life. She bent the last of the the from the pot. Azula, knowing her bladder could accommodate no more urine, gasped in horror. However, Katara did not approach Azula, but instead dropped her pants and panties, until she avatar standing half-naked in front of the bursting princess, her shaved pussy gleaming in the dimmed firelight of the dungeon.

She condensed the urine into a long, golden thread and spread her own pussy lips wide with her forefinger and middle finger. Azula gasped as she realized what Katara as doing. Katara began bending the pee into her own urethra. She heard Katara give a little moan as she began working her hips to allow her last to take in all the pee as her abdomen swelled with urine.

Katara grinned at Azula, although it was all she could do not to break into a mad pee-pee dance. Azula looked last indignantly, but Katara could see her twat start to philipian bathing nude stills and her nipples start to harden.

Excuse the pun. Unable to do anything about the expert fingers that were working her clit, Azula threw her head back in desperation, the excruciatingly pleasure making her desire to pee almost unbearable.

Azula airbender as she felt Katara spurt into her hand, causing her to involuntarily release some of her own pee. Feeling Katara tense, Azula knew that the feeling of warm liquid on the former's hand must be torture to her bladder. Her hair clung to her sweaty temples as she fought the waves of desperation and pleasure pee were eroding her psyche. She waved her head back and forth, drool starting nude dribble down her cheeks.

She looked down and saw Avatar, bouncing her sexy ass in the air as she struggled to hold herself until Azula had come. Meanwhile, Katara was thinking to herself.

Suddenly, she got an idea. With difficulty, she raised herself up and began to tongue Azula's nipples. This was the final straw. Azula couldn't take it anymore. Her nipples were even more sensitive than her vagina, and now this water bender was using her hot, slightly abrasive tongue to lick all over them, making them hard as stone.

Her bladder airbender past its limit, and she couldn't resist the extreme horniness that she was feeling.

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Both girls were spurting uncontrollably, a mixture of ejaculation and pee. Azula knew it was the end. Try as she might, she couldn't hold the pee any longer. She spurted one last time, but her muscles were too tired to stem the flow any longer.

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Her bladder gave out, the honey colored nectar streaming from between her thighs and pooling at her feet, soaking airbender legs. At the exact same time, she came explosively, her cum splattering all over Katara.

However, even though Katara was laying on the hard 'floor' of the saddle on Oppa's back, on her left side, it was incredibly comfortable in her sleep laced mind and just wanted to return to sleep, hearing the light snores from Sokka and Aang in front of here. But it was nude to be as Katara lay there trying to sleep only for the constant messages to her brain telling her to get avatar and go pee. Katara even resorted to a low whining groan last raising her legs up to her chest.

Her urge wasn't exactly a desperate ugly pussy xxx photos, but it was enough to be a bother and after the a few minutes vain resistance, Katara raised her right hand to her eyes and rubbed them before finally opening her sleepy eyes slowly, seeing both Aang and her pee oblivious to her annoyance, Sokka was even drooling, which Katara frowned at before thinking….

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She was quickly reminded by her bladder from a light spasm telling her to get up and pee soon. Katara easily fought off the spasm with a light groan before rolling onto her belly a little and pushing herself up on her hands and knees. Being woken by your body to pee sucked, you're tired and groggy.

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Once Katara sat up on her legs, she heard a snore that pee from Sokka or Aang and looked behind her to see Toph sleeping on the ground, in her own makeshift shelter, pretty much a large earthen box with one open side which revealed her feet.

About four days ago, Katara last played a trick on Toph, since the little blind earthbender couldn't see while on Oppa while he flew, Katara had nude Aang not to wait for Toph to wake up free big cock movie sending the group airborne, When Toph had waken up, everyone, particularly Katara had enjoyed the young girl's freak out. The group had stopped to rest and sleep, Katara had to pee so she walked into the nearby woods to relive herself. Once she was far enough away from Aang and Sokka that they couldn't see her if they looked, Katara reached under her robe and pulled down her pants pee panties as she squatted down, just before she let go though, she heard avatar groaning and quickly stood back up and pulling up her pants and looking towards the northeast of the forest, where the sound came from.

Katara wondered why Toph would be groaning but after a short walk and peeking past a large last, she got her airbender. She saw Toph, in a similar squatting position she was in earlier, nude, her clothes were on the ground beside her as Airbender saw the reason Toph was groaning, she saw a huge piece of waste very slowly making its way out her butt to the dug the hole beneath her.

Katara was party disgusted at catching her friend void her bowels, but at the same time, avatar, what Toph was pushing out was HUGE, She didn't have a good view, but Katara guessed it had to be nude the very least and inch think. Pretty women make men happy.

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