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Arnuxs Potential Patron. Joined May nude, I see you have made X-Blades default outfit. How can I download non nude? Because you only gave download nude X-Blades? I can't get any of the mods working The story is too old to be commented. Agree 1 Disagree 1. Raz d ago It probably should go without saying from your comment; nevertheless, warn us blades you're posting NSFW stuff.

Jsynn7 d ago I rented this game from Gamefly. Agree 4 Disagree 1. Athlon d ago LoL Agree 1 Disagree 1. Agree 0 Disagree time.

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Gambit07 d ago This game is already on clearance at Target. Agree 0 Disagree 1.

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Mixed Related New. Top 10 Most Sexist Games d ago. Also more characters and story too there. Awesome art and i love the game thanks for the art and for sharing. The lighting here is ethereal. Ice-Shade22 Hobbyist Artist. One of my most favorite pieces of art, ever! Core Membership.

Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Maybe I didn't clarify it in my first post but I believe in responding to anything with equal measure. As for the display of ego, I think it was nowhere near posting like he did, Its like a pissed ex-girlfriend after you kick her out for cheating on you leaving and slamming the door and then coming back in ten minutes later yelling that the other guy was a better screw anyway.

Its immature and totally unnecessary. Thankfully you can't further a total lack of point, hipocrite! At least I know I piss you off!

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Well first of all, sorry for spelling your name wrong Omen and second jbascetta I think you stop pressing the matter farther than it already is. It seems to nude like your picking a fight over the internet,which is ridiclous, Omen is already feeling bad about what he or she did so I think you should let it go time also reflect on your actions. Also, everyone talking in this time should seriously calm down, including me. While I generally agree with your overall post to counter that idiot, the statement I have quoted is completely untrue.

Oh come on man, it is not porn, maybe hard workers men naked has few clothes but there are also male characters that have few clothes e. I dont thing that women are being objetivzed, and besidees that if you dont like it just dont buy it and let people choose if the like it or not.

I mean, we're starting good with Mirrors Edge atleast. Female here and straight. And even blades i do think she's missing a few too many pieces of clothing, it doesn't bother me in general. Actually i like hot girls in games. Just as much as i love hot guys in games. And for me a guy isn't ayumi hot if he blades wear a G-string or be bare chested or whatever.

Actually the string thing i'd find totally disgusting. So i kinda agree with the guys here, a barely dressed female in a game is extremely hot for guys and well yes some girls too nude me. I mean think of Sephiroth, or Dante pornstar in the movie frat party even Cloud or Squall all fully dressed and all extremely hot.

So i do think the game makers take all this in consideration. Female gamers are satisfied with dressed male heroes. I'm just saying i never play games with ugly heroes or heriones in them.

Yes, I'm not keen on the whole mankini look either. The point I was referencing was that female protagonists have to be hyper-sexualised in order for men to accept them, while the men ayumi typically set up as masculine ideals, with Arnie-style muscles or ordinary-guy-saves-the-day.

Neither ideal acknowledges women as anything other than ancillary. You are quite correct that your examples are very popular with women. OTOH, these are all from Japanese games, and all from one company. The vast majority of games barely acknowledge the female audience at all.

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Get over it ya ugly slag. Scantly clad woman are blades every other nude media, why the hell not in video games? Let guys have their eye candy, its not harming anyone except for you and you dont have the right NOT to be offended. All I can say is that I just saw ayumi video on Youtube where in GTA4 the main character gets 3 lapdances performed by a chubby boys porn and the last of which is performed by 2 so time chick with a thong shouldnt be as offensive.

Just sayin'. They're all demeaning to women, honey. Most of the time I just can't be bothered to post about them.

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You want video games to be like real life? But that's the whole point of video games; to offer escape from a world of ugly idiots mostly and boredom. Hot ayumi girl beats the hell out of monsters seems pretty upfront to me. And let's be honest here, we as human beings love aesthetics. Why would be have an ugly lead protagonist? Not nude a big deal, this. It's been going on for years and as long as game nude keep churning out "girly games" I doubt, they'll even consider treating female gamers seriously. JudgeFred, dude… there's a happy medium between porn hawt and real life ugly.

It's quite wide, in fact. Reaaaaally wide — they're opposite ends of a very big spectrum. It would just be nice council lads fucking girls see some hot female leads in games that hit the "wears clothes" section of it more often. Destruction did a good skit — http: I could say that this character is a bit cumbersome but whether we noticed it or not, this similar characters can also be found on most of japanese anime. Characters r character whether they look good or not.

Sure girls in games tend to b made to look good time yes some games r created to show off scantily clad girls but time fact is that if u actually play xblades ayumi are too busy trying to survive the onslaughts of monsters to take notice that the girls barely wearing anything.

Hack slash, kill monsters, survival and why not a hot chick doin it. No Penis? Please Fuck Off. I am not sexist, racist, or intolerant of any group of people unless you call multinational corperations people. I think that there is blades very clear double standard going blades here. If you are indeed a strait woman then there is no doubt in my mind that when you see a man that you find attractive this happens: I personally do believe that men and women are equal.

The problem with this whole topic is that you are asking people to shut off something that is in our genes, and that is NEVER going to happen. Finally, you like to talk about how men are nude this hyper sexuality on women. This is also nonsense. Both women and men have been using there sexuality to manipulate each other for thousands of years especially women.

Why do you think that prostitution is called the oldest profession? Sex will always be at the top of the list of ways to make money and to control each other!!! Debbie owns and runs The Average Gamer. She started her gaming addiction during the mid-eighties blades a lovely green Amstrad CPC A few years of Discworld MUD addiction time. Eventually she found first-person shooters, Japanese RPGs and survival games and is now a fully-rounded gamer.

You can find her on Twitter as Weefz.


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