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Hodge wants her to from. He does late Extremely sexy women in public naked complains that Brock bought her with him. Cheyenne begins to talk about how she has been kicked out of school, but Brock doesn't know why she reba upset if they don't want her, why would she want to go there.

Reba has a plan that if Van stays home with Cheyenne then they will both be asked back as they will lose the football game. That night, The whole family is in the living room wearing orange and black, for the wildcats, they haven't been asked back to school yet.

Reba is hesitant thet Mrs. Hodge will call. The doorbell rings. Reba get's excited, it's BJ. She's disappointed nude. BJ tells them that the game is about to begin, Brock tells Reba he and Van are leaving as it's Van's future at risk which affects their daughter. Van says he is staying as he's married now and wants to support his wife. BJ prays. Reba says they should be proud of doing what's right. Hodge arrives and asks Van and Cheyenne to go back to school. Buy On. Show Guide. Episode User Score.

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Current TV Shows. By Metascore By Userscore. Season 2. Season 1. Not Mrs. Never in a million years. Cheyenne why did you just hit me? I could tell by the smile on your face. That's my Mother you are thinking about.

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The whole thing is kind of hot. The young couple turned quickly. As usual Barbra Jean Hart had not wasted time with anything as routine as knocking before coming into her husband's ex-wife's house.

Van started to open his mouth but Cheyenne followed up her punch on her husband's arm with an elbow to his mid-section. While he tried to breathe she answered.

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She got in kind of late last night. Now THAT was the kind of stuff she reveled in hearing about. Then her eyes narrowed. I thought thailand porn vid went out with what's-her-name the sports agent.

The one who swings from the other side of the plate if you know what I mean. The discussion came to an abrupt end as the featured subject came down the stairs. With a broad smile on her face Reba appeared to be fresh from the shower and wide awake. In short order food was on the table and she was calling for Kyra and Jake. Unwilling to let things lay Barbra Jean plunged ahead with her inquiry.

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Refusing to elaborate she plunged into the business of getting the two younger children ready for school. Meanwhile Van and Cheyenne were called away by an insistent Elizabeth. Barbra Jean Booker Hart had a number of strange habits and beliefs. Perhaps the strangest one was that she and her husband's ex-wife Reba were destined to be the best of friends, the closest of confidants and practically joined at the hip during their waking hours.

Any suggestion, or in Reba's case downright direct statement, that such a relationship was not only never going to happen but was an idea so absurd it wasn't even in the realm of possibility were instantly dismissed out of hand. So after everyone had left, including Reba heading off to work, she returned home to lay out her plan of attack. Something was going on. She was certain of that. She hadn't seen Reba so full of bounce and energy in, well, ever.

Could this Sadie woman have something to do with it? She needed to find out and if so she needed to draw Reba's attention back to where it belonged. To her. More information. She needed more information. So for the next two weeks she shadowed her target.

Even though nothing happened at first it all was so exciting. She felt like a secret agent or maybe a detective. She thought about wearing disguises. She did wear hats and change clothes a lot and she lost Reba several times, particularly in the afternoon. Finally she was rewarded one day when she spotted Reba joining that other woman for lunch at a little cafe nestled in an upscale shopping plaza.

She was unable to get into the restaurant but as it turned out she didn't have to do that. Her quarry was shown to one of the tables reba outside on the cobblestone walkway and shaded by nude large colorful awning. Barbra Jean slumped down in her car and watched reba through Brock's binoculars. He got old. More information can also be found by searching under 'cultural relevance' and 'Brandy plays to japon porn com stadium'.

Sorry Kelly, but nude entire cast was great and Reba got more than her share of laughs for the "straight woman". If it had been on one of the three networks instead of the WB, it would have had a mantle full of Emmys.

Holds up very well in syndication and very watchable. And who the hell is Melinda Peterman? Noticed him on Reba as well as was so pleased to see his peen and full bush on Shameless. There has been some weight fluctuations but I wouldn't kick him out if bed for eating crackers.

Unless crackers was my dog His weight even fluctuated when he was on REBA, but I preferred him with a little more meat on his bones then when he was thinner. His sense of humor makes him that much hotter. It's Melissa Peterman. Porn film of the year was really well written and acted. It started out a guilty pleasure and then I got hooked on it.

One of the few sitcoms which have made me laugh till I cried. The little boy who played Jake, Mitch Holleman, is growing up to be very handsome. So your point is R1? R2 acts like she's a huge Reba supporter, but look what she from about Reba in the linked thread: What a hypocrite. When Barbra Jean from a haircut exactly like Reba's. R3 u are a wonderful person. I like it too. It had some surprisingly candid scenes at one point or another.

I love you, R5. It's a guilty pleasure for me, too. And much better than "Malibu Country. Hairdos like big brown football helmets.

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The football jock was hot. The Leslie Jordan episode was funny, too. But I really wanted to fuck that football jock. I forgot that Malibu Country already got cancelled.

You people have terrible taste. Poor Reba, She never fucked once on the show did she? R1 is correct. My favorite ep was the one where Reba's upper lip was extracted. So sad to watch the ones with Park Overall and see that she's no longer funny. Some of you have bottom-of-the-toilet-bowel brazilxxx in entertainment.

I'm glad I don't know people like you in the real world. The guy who played the hot young boy ain't aging well. Just sayin'. I'm so ashamed. R33 Not half as glad as we are. Not aging well? You trippin' If it's under 60 Fahrenheit, a sweater you'll be wearin' tight.

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Maybe r34 meant the young kid, Jake. All the credit for this show should go to Pat Bullard, former tv show host and comedian. He was the show runner and head writer.