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She said: My confidence has plummeted because I fear being judged. People judge you thinking you must have had a boob job.

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They would look at me like I was a piece of dirt. It was really embarrassing. She says her only option of living a pain-free life — and not being judged — is to have them reduced. And she had a word of warning to girls who wanted bigger boobs: They are practically knee warmers.

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I honestly think it would give me my life back. Earlier this week, we told you about the mum whose breast implants ruptured, poisoned her and made her throw up 47 times a day. They added: She's in terrible pain now, it puts a huge strain on her body with all these surgeries.

Every time she takes longer to recover. The news will come as a shock to fans after she was left battered and bruised boobs getting liposuction, her own fat injected into face bum, fat put under her eyes and a lift earlier this year.

In shocking scenes from the latest episode of her show, My Crazy Life, she was seen bedbound and "looking like a bloated alien" after surgery.

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Source previously revealed that Kris — who is reportedly engaged to Katie — warned her he would dump her if she had more work — but he flew out to be with her over the weekend. Sources told The Sun Online that she felt fat with her new bum and wanted her old one back — which she has now done. She added: I just always want to be perfect. Got a story?