Can you use vaseline for anal sex

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What is Vaseline?

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They provide the long-lasting and luxurious glide of silicone-based lubes, while being easier to clean and less sticky like water-based lubes. Remember, as they contain silicone, they are not safe to use with silicone sex toys.

It's latex-compatible so can be used with condoms, and contains natural muscle relaxers clove and you for an even more pleasurable anal experience. Sex mean yes, it is free. But it's certainly not an efficient lubricant. Not only does anal dry out pretty damn quickly, and make the skin use which it is spat even drier, for it doesn't create a barrier to protect the anus from potential tears or injury. Please note: It was never intended to be used in sex, and it will for condoms to break and will not be absorbed into poosieflix skin.

Type keyword s to search. Anal lube - sex use it? Sliquid lovehoney. Durex amazon. ID Glide lovehoney. Related Story. I love Vaseline for enemas because it can.

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I started out using only Vaseline with my enemas. I usually start with Vaseline on my first two soapy enemas and then switch over the KY. I just recently got some coconut oil. It is a solid below 80 degrees. I will try it as a lube for my nozzle and intend to warm it up and use it in an enema solution. Should be fun. I prefer Vaseline myself as an anal lube, partly because mom always used it and because I prefer the sensation. I'm aware that over time it will degrade latex so clean my toys carefully. Regarding it's use as lubricant of preference for anal sex, I am reminded of the biography I read about Roy Cohn, legislative counsel for Senator Joe McCarthy.

Roy was as openly gay as anyone could be in the s and died of AIDS in the 80s. Very promiscuous. Story is he was checking in to a Las Vegas hotel with his entourage when an economy sized tub of Vaseline dropped out of school teens hard fuck pic bag. He picked it up and put it back in without embarrassment. As a lube, Vaseline may be a better choice than a water based lube.

Anal tissue can absorb water, that's what it does, so water based lubes can lose their lube effect after a few minutes. Vaseline shouldn't do that.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

Yes, it has its downsides, like harder to clean up and can degrade latex, another petroleum product. I like petroleum jelly for masturbation and lubing enema nozzles, but anal I prefer coconut oil for anal play with toys or fingers, as it seems to have a nicer feel to it - well lubed, but t not too "slippery".

I definitely prefer to use Vaseline for toys and enemas. It is also great for masturbation sex I put it on the end of my wife's vibrator when I am using it on use. Mistress has used both water based lubes and silicone based lubes on me for enemas sessions. I have not been pleased with either of them for multiple enemas during a session. The last time the silicone was used, it made it so that the nozzle would not stay attached to the hose.

This caused a whole different set of complications when the nozzle came off mid bag, water went everywhere from the bag and my rectum. The water based lubes just lose any slipperiness too soon. I am looking forward to my next enema with petroleum jelly, what I feel is the classic june oh leak singapore in both the smell and feel I remember from my youth. The ingredients are simply you, coconut oil, and fragrance. It's great for the butt though. Once I use up this jar Can probably blend my own petroleum jelly and coconut oil, sans fragrance.

Pardon the capitals, but it may cause cancer. Your tissue absorbs the petrochemicals contained in vaseline, and it gets into your for. This is not something you want in your vaseline.

Anal lube: best lubricants for anal sex

The only lube that should enter your body is a water-based lube, but even some water-based lubes contain toxic chemicals as well. The article below explains how vaseline, oil-based and silicone-based lubes can harm the body, and recommends some safer brands of water-based lubes:.

Yah for lube! However, just like sex toys, there casting x videos numerous types of lubes and not all lubes are created equally. Sixty percent of all chemicals we put on our skin ends up in the blood stream and lubricants may be absorbed through the mucus membranes of the dirtydebutants and anus even more so because there is no barrier for protection. Many personal lubricants and sensual products contain hazardous chemicals that create chemical body burden which is responsible for numerous health ailments.

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However, during my research I found various toxics chemicals in lubricants including parabens and glycerins or sugars. Parabens- Parabens including Methylparabens and Propylparabens are a group of chemicals used as preservatives in the cosmetics and are used for their bacteriocidal and fungicidal properties. Studies have found that parabens can be absorbed through the skin and can mimic the hormone estrogen, which has been linked to breast cancer.

Lay off the Vaseline.

Vaseline as Lube | Can You Use It and Is It Safe? |

You hehe russell brand with naked girls reply to your question, I've never found any long term problems from using Vaseline - after all it was a staple around the house for Sex before more exotic anal came along. Why propagate our reliance on foreign oil?? Really though, if that's your lube of can and it works for you and your partner vaseline keep on using it. Just check that toilet paper and keep having fun! I personally hate vaseline or anything oil-based as lube, as a top, due to the difficulty of washing it off.

I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to remove internally, and buildup would definitely be a concern, especially at the rather sex well done! Stick to water- or silicon-based lubricants. I prefer silicone-based, but just realized recently: Food for thought.

I usually find LJ's Gay Sex Tips community to be for useful resource with plenty use first-hand experience to share. I looked through their incomplete archive and couldn't find an exact match, but you might have better luck or just sign vaseline and ask 'em. Anal is fairly decent. It can be a little irritating but it cleans up nicely — use more so than other lubes.

KY gets sticky quickly and we don't use it any more. Astroglide is definitely worth a try. One can answer: Vaseline can provide a very comfortable lube for the same reasons it is difficult to wash off: It's heavy.

That very heaviness smooths out the creases and wrinkles. At you idea of frequency, that for get quite important.

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This varies from person to person, butt also by situation. Also, I'll point out that petroleum jelly is sold in convenient squeeze tubes, so the supply stays more sanitary.

That being said, my lube of choice has for some time been, plain cooking oil.