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This brought about a serious reaction towards all parties involved in the scandal. As a result, Chen photos a public apology in English to the Hong Kong people and the women involved and indirectly admitted his role and expressed remorse and subsequently announced his indefinite departure from the Hong Kong entertainment industry at a press conference. Due to the scandal, the Google search engine rankings for resulted in Chen's Chinese name being the number 1 search term in China, and number 3 in Taiwan. Three years later, Chen was involved in another photo scandal, this time with a year-old Hong Kong model Cammi Tse.

Their relationship was revealed after photos of them together hugging and kissing each other were leaked online and later, the year-old model stated that her phone was lost. It was later nude that Chen had sent text messages to Tse, asking her to pose for him in swimsuits and school uniforms. Tse confirmed that there were no nude photos. In AugustChen confirmed the birth of his baby daughter.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a Chinese nude ; the family name is Chen. VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanada. Main article: Edison Chen photo scandal. Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 15 August Retrieved on candice November Almost Naked sex dolls legs spread - Asians on Film". Asians on Film. Retrieved on 21 February Retrieved The San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved 20 July BBC News 16 March Retrieved 22 February Retrieved on 24 February Investigators were trying to determine his role in the case.

Deputy-Commissioner for Operations Peter Yam Tat-wing said there was a substantial amount of evidence connected with the unemployed man. Mr Perfect naked women gifs also cautioned the public that circulating the photographs was a criminal offence.

Publishing obscene articles on chan internet is an offence under the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance. This also includes the act of reposting the obscene articles or internet hyper-linking to obscene articles, whether for chan or otherwise. Those Were The Days blog. So the police "made an arrest. Will photos female stars no longer have to live in fear? Sorry, no. Deputy-Commissioner for Operations Peter Yam said yesterday that "the individual may not be the first person who posted the photographs.

The culprit is still out there and may continue to post more photographs. The war against the circulators only creates a White Terror in Hong Kong, where netizens are afraid of posting. Meanwhile, these photographs continue to be freely available for downloading at any number of overseas websites. So what good is arresting one or two circulators? Can the Hong Kong police make Google forbid the searching for those photographs?

Or prevent people from using Candice to forward the photographs? The police only know to take some minor action and create the impression that "an arrest" seems to imply that the case has been solved. But these are completely different things. They have only managed to intimidate the ordinary citizens from circulating or distributing those photographs. Even they have admitted that until the person responsible for releasing the photographs is found, then those articles won't even be forwarded to the Obscene Articles Tribunal.

Mandatory reading: A tale of two storms: Once again, this story wins out on the front pages of the major Hong Kong newspapers. In Apple Dailythe feature story was the suspect arrested for posting one obscene photograph has been remanded to custody for eight weeks until the next hearing.

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The suspect is an chan single year-old man still living with his parents. He does not have any criminal record, and his mother was willing to post a HKD 10, bond. But the magistrate photos a look at the photograph, winced, said that such a photograph caused great harm when circulated on the Internet, considered this to be a serious charge and therefore rejected the request for bail.

The next hearing will be on March Apple Daily included a photograph of the said candice The other newspapers published Edison Chen's boast about "if you want to put blame, you should blame this game and not the player.

This is not news. The theme today chan the numbers. Here are there front page news stories. In Apple Daily, the headline is "1, obscene photographs of artistes.

As many as several hundred. In Photos Daily, the headline is "Lusty photographs of artistes: This is wishywashy enough to arouse suspicion. Six more people have been arrested and computers and hard disks containing hundreds nude pictures seized, as police widen their investigation into the online distribution of nude photos of local celebrities. Assistant Commissioner of Police Crime Wong Fook-chuen said last night that four chan and two women, aged 23 to 30, had been arrested in the past two days for possessing nude photos for distribution purposes.

Hundreds of pictures, including some never circulated on the internet but related to the photos previously uploaded, were found in computers and hard disks seized from the man in Central. Commissioner of Police Candice King-shing repeated a warning against possessing such photos during a radio interview. Acknowledging that many people were worried that candice might have committed a crime, Mr Tang said: It is illegal to have many of these pictures, as they might be used sexy nude canadian spread publishing or selling.

One hundred pictures? Two hundred pictures? I don't think it is a matter of numbers, but we also have to chan at whether the number is reasonable. Also we have to consider other factors as evidence. He denied police were paying disproportionate attention to the case. We also photos at how serious it is and the concerns of the public.

In the past, we have arrested people on similar charges. So SCMP reports: This collection could be the thirteen photos that have already appeared, plus the known computer-modified photographs of Gillian Chung, Cecilia Chung see the photograph of her in the bathtub on the front page of Oriental Daily is an old oneJoey Yung, etc, plus many more other naked wrestling men vs women photographs.

These are the 'other factors' that Commissioner Tang talks about, but will not provide in this most recent case. Will Commissioner Tang's remarks led to panic hard disk purges all over Hong Kong? All previous assumptions that possession is not illegal have gone out of the window. The resulting maximum penalty is HKD 1, in fines and 3 years in prison. Which among Hong Kong citizens should already be identified as a prime suspect? Nude Chen!

He took hundreds of these photographs, he stored them on his pink Apple Powerbook and it is now know that some of those photographs were distributed on the Internet. Why haven't the police arrested and detained him with no bail?

Did he leave for Canada because he was anticipating the problem? Who else has a lot of obscene photographs with the likelihood of distribution? Hong Kong blogger Life is candice an empty dream So the photographs are definitely present at Apple Daily. Today, Apple Daily also published the name of an America-based Chinese-language overseas student website on which the photographs continue to be available for viewing and commenting.

You copy the name of that webpage from the Apple Daily, search for it on Google, read a few pages and you will arrive at those photographs conveniently compressed for downloading.

But you don't expect the police to search Apple Daily, do you? I mean, it might damage the Olympics In Sing Tao, the headline makes it clear where the photographs came from: This person may be guilty of theft. But if the copies were shared and distributed among friends, then which one of them is the person who posted the photographs on the Internet?

Sing Tao has shifted its position. When the story first broke, it and its free sister newspaper Headline Daily were adamant that the photographs were computer modifications. Headline News wrote via Dukedom of Aberdeen blog: As of today, nobody is saying that anymore because of the immense difficulty of engineering hundreds of computer modifications flawlessly.

By the way, if the EEG company lodged complaints with the police on January 27 and 28, did they say "computer modifications"? If so, they were guilty of filing a false report even as Edison Chen left for Canada in order not to be questioned by the Hong Kong police and be caught in a perjury.

If chan were misled by the principals, then at what point did they realize that and why won't they come out to correct the nude Or are they still dead-enders all the way? The person who made those comments go by the obvious nickname of "Senior cadre's little girl.

Let me tell you one last time -- get lost! Or else I'm going to send your IP addresses to my dad so that he can notify the provincial public security bureau to issue a national warrant for your arrests. This may even go to the Interpol. You better be careful! Think about your parents. They must work photos to send you to study overseas. I don't want my dad to arrest you. So all of you just get lost!!! Damn, what do your fathers do?

Stop telling sexy boy qnd girl naked to be careful chan what I carmen moore porn pics, or I will have your parents arrested as well. So you can have your say now. I'll tell my dad later. You people are overseas, but your parents may be arrested in China. Comment My dad is working overtime today. When he gets back, you'll be sorry. All you overseas student trash!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overseas student trash, do you think that I am kidding?

You don't believe me? Let me photos you. I've recorded all your Nude addresses. None of you will get away!!!! You may be having fun abusing Gillian right now. But when you come back to China, my father will make you cry at the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just a bunch of trash. You overseas student trash should not be too happy!!!!

My father and the county party secretary are meeting with the provincial tattoo pawg tonight.

When he gets home, you'll be sorry. Some of you pretend that your parents are senior candice, but you better wake up and reflect!!! I am the child of a senior official, so how could I not know what the children of senior officials are like? So stop acting. I've just called my dad on the mobile telephone. He said that he'll deal with you people candice he returns home.

If you are brave enough, don't run away!!!!!!!!!! Actually, your parents must work hard to sent you overseas. If you don't smear Gillian anymore, I will beg my father not to arrest you and your parents, okay?

Why don't we settle this amicably? Nude saying this one last time. I photos very magnanimous. If you promise not to smear Gillian anymore, I will do everything that I can to beg my dad not to make this a big deal or to arrest you and your parents. I repeat this one more time: You parents candice hard to sent you out to study, so please do not hurt them by saying ill-considered things. Most of you are plain ignorant. I believe that photos Gillian were here, she would support my decision not to chase after you. Big people don't mind the mistakes of small people.

Candice would be the nude result for you. Stop being stubborn. I just called my dad on the mobile telephone and I told him all about this. Frankly, I'm sorry that I told him Are you pretending that you are not scared? Mark wahlberg naked fakes, I know that you must be chan in fear!!!! Let me tell you about some insider story known only to the children of senior cadres like us it is risky for me to nude this here, but I don't mind for the sake of educating all you overseas student trash trying to smear Gillian and I just hope that it won't affect my dad's career.

At the bureau where my father works, they have a piece of equipment where if you input an IP address, it will immediately show all the information about you and your family. You better stop what you are going, or else I will let my father use that machine to find out all about you and then ask the provincial public security bureau to issue arrest warrants candice you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I advise those who are using their friends' computers to log off immediately because you may be causing trouble for your friends and their families. Nobody wants to have arrest warrants on them! This is what you get for smearing Gillian! In other words, I repeat once again that I am doing this for your own good!!! My father is a senior official and he has a foul temper!!! Please do not get him mad!!!!

Related link: Hong Kong: The Big Old gos young is Watching You! Oiwan Lam, Interlocals. This is seven days in a chan that this story took over the newspaper front pages. Another man has been arrested on suspicion of posting on the internet nude photos purportedly of local celebrities, as publicity surrounding the case began raising questions among the public about whether they could be prosecuted for photos the images. Police said they arrested a year-old man, the eighth suspect arrested in the investigation, at about 4am yesterday in Ma On Shan.

Another two men and a woman were still being detained by police last night. You read the above and you only have more questions: Who are these people? How are they related to each other? Chan did they come into possession of the photographs of naked artistes engaged in naughty conduct?

How did they go about distributing those photographs 13? Sing Pao. According to an informed source close to the person who was the source of the photographs, several months ago Edison Chen sent his pink Apple Powerbook laptop to a Central computer shop for repairs.

The informed source said that the technician only nude to keep the material for his own enjoyment. Then one day he invited some friends over to his Ma On Shan apartment to play mahjong and he casually mentioned that he had some "good" stuff to show them.

When his friends saw the material, they were astonished and lobbied him to post to the Internet. He did not want to do so himself, because he knew that Edison Chen has his contact information. So finally a female friend agreed chan undertake the task of posting onto the Internet. That was how it happened. Point 1: On the front page of The Sun, there was a photograph of Cecilia Cheung wearing a police uniform. But this is part of the collection. Why release it now? Because it is now certain that the photographs are not computer modifications which smear the reputation of Cecilia Cheung.

Instead, this is a true photograph without any modification, and the truth cannot be a smear. Point 2: The quality of the latter is pretty poor and can be immediately recognized as computer modifications.

Here is an example of Joey Yung: Her head is in an awkward position with respect to her neck, her teeth-flashing smile is totally inappropriate photos her situation and the lighting is wrong.

By comparison, a photograph such as Bobo Chan performing fellatio on Edison Chen was immensely difficult to modify on computer because there is unlikely to be an original photograph of her looking downwards with her tongue sticking out. Does my posting of this photograph cause harm to Joey Yung's reputation? Besides, why chase after me? Nude all, I got this photograph from another website which has a much bigger circulation than mine and therefore has wrought much more havoc. Would the Hong Kong police dare to do anything about that website click here?

No, I didn't so Point 3: Furthermore, all forum webmasters, administrators and chatroom moderators will be registered by their real names and all forum comments must be reviewed before publication. Singer-actor Edison Chen Koon-hei made a public apology yesterday to anyone affected by the distribution on the internet of nude pictures purported to show him and female nude and called on anyone who had copies to destroy them.

His video statement was released to the media last night as observers were predicting that complaints about indecent photographs on the internet would rise further because of what is being dubbed the "Edison Chen incident". The lives of many innocent people have been affected by this malicious and criminal conduct. And in this regard, I'm filled with pain, hurt and frustration. I now call upon anyone to help and assist the victims of this case. If you've ever downloaded any of these images, please do not forward them to nude teen panama girl photos. Please do not send them to anyone.

If you are still in possession of these images, I urge you to please destroy them immediately. Let's help the wounded heal their wounds.

I urge you to help the victims and not candice it any worse. My Statement YouTube: Assistant Commissioner Crime Vincent Wong Fook-chuen said six women appeared in the photographs, most of which were obscene.

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He would not say if more than one man appeared. Someone had sent his computer for photos and the pictures [stored inside] chan stolen photos the consent of the owner. Four of the six women involved were publicly recognisable. Police would contact everyone who appeared in the photos but they would not necessarily have nude testify in court. I do not see the need for them to come to court," Mr Wong said. Mr Wong rejected suggestions of selective police enforcement in the case, saying candice was evidence that all except the suspected source had distributed the photos.

He also denied that the force had allocated extra manpower to investigate this case due to the involvement of celebrities. While keeping such photographs and sending them to friends was not an offence, Mr Wong said, it was illegal for anyone to nude such photos onto the Web, as cyberspace was the public domain. It is illegal to have a lot of these pictures, as they might be used candice publishing or selling.

What is a lot? Tang did not come out to repudiate his own statements, but his underling Wong was sent out to put out the fire instead. And now for a famous saying of the chan The Standard. Assistant Commissioner of Police Crime Vincent Wong Fook-chuen urged anyone whose nude pictures had been posted on the internet to report to the police.

Nude: Photos by Shinichi Maruyama

Twenty years ago, the Internet as such did not exist and there was nothing to see. Today, the Internet is everywhere and it is hard to imagine that the Hong Kong police is unaware of nude photos on the Internet.

A new website specifically directed against the Hong Kong police has more than photographs of nude artistes. Less than 24 hours after the Hong Kong police announced that they have tracked down the source that leaked the Edison Chen photographs to the public, another six more photographs were published on the Internet. At least six new nude photos purported to be of celebrities - including a new face - spread like viruses across the city last night, a day after police said they had traced the source of the spate of scandalous pictures that have appeared on the internet in recent days.

Chinese sex hot fucked pictures, sent through e-mails and internet messaging systems, were seen as a challenge to police, who said on Monday putting obscene photos on the internet, a public domain, was an offence but sending them to friends was not.

Edison Chen photo scandal - Wikipedia

The new photos included three graphic images purportedly of Gillian Chung Yan-tung of girl duo Twins, actress Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi and former actress Bobo Chan Man-woon - all of whom have been rumoured to chan romantically linked to singer-actor Edison Chen Koon-hei. Another photograph chan of a woman who could not be identified. All the pictures included a man whose face was not revealed. Also included were two solo shots of a partially-dressed woman who looked like former singer Chiu Chung-yue, whose photographs had not been circulated previously.

Apple Daily and Oriental Daily characterized this action as the shaving of the eyebrow of the police, while Candice Sun said that it was a slap in the face. One proposed model for future distribution of the photographs is for people to signal an offer and then require an email address to send to. If photographs are sent to an email address, then this can be taken to be a friendly gesture to another person who has just reciprocated on an photos of friendship.

The newspapers run on a hour cycle, so they could be nude far behind a breaking news story. In this case, the breaking news story was the emergence of candice of photographs from the Edison Chen collection.

Previously, over the course of the past nine days, around twenty photographs nude Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung were posted onto the Internet and then circulated broadly around the world. Then the police announced that they had nailed the source of the photographs namely, the worker at the photos shop where Edison Chen took his pink Army women having anal sex Powerbook for repair as well as his six friends who actually uploaded those photographs onto the Internet.

For candice couple of days, no more photographs appeared. Then yesterday another six appeared. So someone else out there still has some unpublished nude. But how many more are forthcoming? Everybody assumed that the killing would stop. Cleavage bouncing beginning midnight, compressed archived files containing photographs were suddenly being routed around in email as well as peer-to-peer sharing services such as Foxy.

These alternate methods were used because the Hong Kong discussion forums will no longer post information about those photographs due to legal concerns. After a while, unknown persons posted the photographs at overseas pornographic websites and published the links at overseas Chinese-language forums.

These chan websites are beyond the reach of the Hong Kong police. What was in this latest batch? The quantity and quality of the photographs were incredibly damaging. There are also photographs of three more entertainers Candice Chan, Rachel Ngan, Mandy Chan who were hardly known to the general public before this but are now household names.

Their names are probably now among the candice ten most popular search engine terms. That photos out not to be true. For the photos day in a row, the Edison Chen photographs were featured on the chan page of the major Hong Kong newspapers: No more photographs were released today, so this was the day when the front page story could be about something else for a change after ten days in a row.

Here are the nude Hong Kong newspaper front pages.

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When the new batch of photographs appeared yesterday, there were three folders containing photographs of females identified only as Unknown 1, Unknown 2 and Unknown candice. These three minor starlets suddenly became objects of chan. When Cathy Leung was contacted, she said that she had never met Edison Nude in her life and there was no reason to disbelieve a candice statement like that.

Nude investigation pointed that the person was really Mandy Chan, a former Miss Chinese contestant. Reporters have so far photos down Mandy Chan as having married, immigrated to Brisbane Nude and is running a beauty salon. Where did the information come from?

The Sun. According to the Hong Kong police, the photographs have spread across computer servers all over the world, thus making this a "globalized" affair. There does not appear to be anything that the Hong Kong police can do. Meanwhile, netizens are boasting that they will continue to distribute more bedroom chan and hyperilnks to "friends. Why can't the Hong Kong police get to these overseas servers? Many in the Hong Kong biz have publicly denounced the pictures and their publication. Such immoral behavior is poison to the minds of youth today.

In naked photos of Chung taken in the changing room of a Kuala Lumpur concert venue appeared in a Hong Kong tabloid paper caused an uproar in the industry. The incident has political ramifications too. As Police have issued warnings that distribution of such photographs is likely to be in breach of the Control of Obscene skinny teen mexican fucking Indecent Articles Ordinance, which could carry a jail joclyn stone bio and heavy fines, operators of Websites photos Forums have candice quickly to delete pictures.

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