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Rusty Cooley talks Buckethead, Yngwie, Shawn Lane & more (NatterNet Interview)

Chris Cooley, a friend of the bloggers as well as image accomplished blogger in his own right, dick a nice day on the field today, but I don't think that's what people are going to remember come tomorrow.

Naked guys playing baseball today Chris posted on his official blog about a fun section of the playbook that Jim Zorn asks his players to decorate for themselves he's cooley a bohemian football coach! What he may or may not have realized is that he was also posting a picture of his dick for the world to see.

The uncropped image is after the jump in all its not safe for work glory. Chris Thompson Speech: Bristol Palin Pregnant! Who Is Bristol Palin's Boy Top Copyright jojotawok blog All rights reserved. Powered by Blogger.

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Chris Cooley Talks About His Playbook Penis Showing Incident | Total Pro Sports

Accidental Dick! But we have to admit, this Twitter commenter got it right when saying: Next Article. What's new. New posts New articles New article comments Latest activity.

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New articles New comments Series Search articles. Oh, My Is That His? Thread starter moshquerade Start date Sep 15, Sidebar Sidebar. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Nov 1, 61, 10 I guess he was naked, posting on the internets, and little willy got in the picture ai haneda pic mistake.

He posts the pic of his playbook and his penis on his blog and everyone gets a sneak peak. Story here: I had to look hard to see it, but if you lighten up the pic it's definitely there.

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An existential joke from the king of annoying performance art mindfucks? I like that there's a mystery of whether or not it's really Franco's frankfurter. Just like most of Franco's art, this gets a thumbs up for concept, thumbs down for execution. Noted domestic abuser Chris Brown described his dick pic thusly: It was like, 'hey what's up,' the 'look at me now.

It's whatever, man. Did you see how big my dick is? No, seriously, look at it.