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Mons pubis. Mons Pubis. Mons venus. Mont de Venus. Naked woman wearing Converse sneakers crotch shot. Nap08 NAP09 Nefertiti Piercing foto. Nice looking at beautiful nature. Nude female torso. Nude in Bed. One vulva. Painted body. Painted vulva. Paragraph Vajazzling. Penis Insertion 1. Penis Insertion Ended.

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Piercings from behind 2. Piercings from behind 3. Playing nude. Plug2 small. Poolside Poolside anterior view of mons pubis. Portuguese Caption for Vulva. Post-pregnancy Vulva. Cleft labia minora. Pubic hair Brazilian haircut Landing Strip style. Pubic hair Brazilian nudist Triangle style. Pubic hair - Full Bikini Wax style. Big deal. Or as Garfield would say "Big, fat, hairy deal" but that is another discussion for this article, entirely.

The common technical name is pudendal cleft and that should be the primary name of the article venus "Cleft of Venus" or "Cleft of venus" should redirect to that, not the other way around. For the purposes of common English usage, the vulgar slang terms should be included and wikilinked to those words so that new English speakers can conveniently explore the context, usage, and possibly the venus of the particular vulgar slang word. Oknazevad claims, with no justification whatsoever, that such linkage is pointless. He or she points to WP: To wit:.

The links do not do that venus Cunt makes one backward reference in addition to references to many other pages. Oknazevaddid you actually read this?? Oknazevadplease read and understand the policy you cite to justify your actions that actually reduce the usability, utility, and convenience venus the encylopedia. Your rationale makes no sense at all and is not justified by either the facts nor WP policy. Most of the listed synonyms are for the vagina, not the cleft of venus: In fact, the footnote for "box" points to the urbandictionary.

Why does nudist "Female genetalia" link redirect back to the page it is on? I think the link should be removed or redirected somewhere esle or else it is just useless. In preadolescent girls, the vulva appears to be positioned further forward than in adults, showing a larger percentage of the labia majora and pudendal cleft when standing. During puberty the mons pubis enlarges, pushing the forward portion of the labia majora away from the pubic cleft, and parallel to the ground when standing.

Variations in body fat levels affect the extent to which this occurs. It was unclear previously as to what the article was referring to with the primary image and overall description being largely unhelpful in that regard.

As such, I have added a labeled photo as the primary image instead and added a sentence explaining that the pudendal cleft is "the opening between the labia majora" cited from Merriam-Webster as I believe this will help bring als scan nude women great deal of clarity to the article.

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