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Overall Width. Platform Length. Platform Width. Foot pedal Strokes to Max. Similar Products. Raised Height: Steel Handle Height: Zingler VC, et al. Ann Neurol. Walter Dandywho bilaterally sectioned the vestibular nerve to treat Meniere's syndrome, was the first to recognize that total loss of labyrinthine function caused vision to become blurred when the head moves rapidly.

Zingler and associates sought to determine the causes and epidemiology of bilateral vestibulopathy BV. The diagnosis was suspected clinically in patients with the following symptoms:.

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Impaired spatial memory and navigation dandy with hippocampal atrophy due to chronic loss of vestibular input. BV was confirmed by the head-thrust test 3 and caloric irrigation of the external auditory canal with oculographic recordings.

All patients underwent a standardized neuro-ophthalmological and neuro-otological examination, MRI or CT scans and dandy tests. Hearing loss appeared most often in 421 with Cogan's syndrome inflammatory eye disease, hearing loss, and vestibulopathymeningitis, or Meniere's disease. In patients without hearing loss, BV generally dandy progressively and often in combination with a cerebellar syndrome or a peripheral neuropathy, or both. Physicians who practiced in the days when streptomycin was a first-line antibiotic for treating emo girl anal fuked hardcore infections such as endocarditis will remember patients who developed BV due to the ototoxicity of that drug.

Sadly, ototoxic BV caused by antibiotic treatment with gentamicin alone or in combination with other ototoxic agents such as diuretics was still the 421 frequent cause of BV in this series.

Zingler et al have pointed out that BV may develop insidiously without hearing loss but in association with other neurological findings. BV may be a feature of several spinocerebellar ataxias SCAs and of multisystem atrophy. Some patients showed signs of an axonal peripheral neuropathy. Therefore, as pointed out 421 Leigh and Thurbell in their editorial accompanying this report 4 BV is a condition that neurologists need to be aware of and able to diagnose in patients presenting with problems with balance.

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Oscillopsia of Dandy Revisited August 1, Reprints Share. Related Articles Therapeutic Benefit: Aspirin Revisited in Light of the Introduction of Clopidogrel. Traumatic Brain Injury: The diagnosis was suspected clinically in patients with the following symptoms: