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It's simply shaped like her pants. So if I were to color it up skin color, it'd still have the shape of her pants. Need bigger boobs I can't do anything about the size of her boobs.

That's the mesh that was packed in the game and all I can do is edit the texture color that covers the mesh. Make her Boobs Bigger? Can you do the Boobs biger??? You are almost there keep trying. Almost where? Hahhah wow.

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The funniest thing about this is, that Prince doesn't even care. Kenzoe64 Hobbyist. Prince of Persia by LupaSenzaLuna. Devious Collection by Geegeeman. Steel Sexy - Elika Outfit Mod. Hi guys here's my new "Prince of Persia" skin mod. It's a nice magical fantasy looking outfit for Elika that I like to call "Steel Sexy". As far as descriptions go, here's an excerpt from the readme file: This texture was also recolored to get the silver look. It's easiest to find by searching "texmod download" on google. This file is a package that Texmod will load in place of the defaults the game uses.

It will not overwrite any of your game files!

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Run your Texmod program 2. In the "Target Application" box, click to browse to your Prince of Persia. Click the "Package Mode" tab and then click the small folder icon in the middle of the window to browse to the location where you saved the. Click "Run" Texmod will launch your Prince of Persia game and you'll be using my skin mod! Comments Join the community to add your comment. Verifying your email address also improves the security of your Ubisoft account, helps us provide you better support, and ensures you don't miss out on exclusive content, newsletters, and other special offers.

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Skin in. You are here: Yep, that's my naked http: I didn't elika you were an artist. Elika is one of the most perfect prince characters i have ever seen in any game or even a movie! She is perfect! I want to propose to her! If she just would say yes! Originally posted by Joewahby: No She too busy saving the world again. I love her. She is so beautiful. I'd have to say Elika. She's a strong, independant woman.

And she's also different. She's as far from a cliche as you get if you ask persia.

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I also find her interesting as a person. I loved listening to everything she had to say throughout the game. I have a tie with all of them lol, I felt I had a closer thing with Elika, but thats because you can talk to her whenever you like, but Farah and Kaileena, I will always stay loyle too lmao. Elika because she's not trashy like Kaileena and Shadee, and stronger then Farah.

I hate Shadee. Kaileena is irresistable because Monica Belluci is doing her VA.

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Farah is Farah http: Originally posted elika mboltevski: I've only seen this now: Originally posted by UbiRazz: Elika, of course! I voted for Farah from SOT http: Originally posted by FireEmpress: I was really having 2nd thought on my vote for Farah. But now that Elika dumped the prince I think I'm going skin stick with Farah. Farah for life. TT ofcourse. Since the graphics are better and all. Kaileene is to big breasted if you ask me, en shadee, wel definitly not the type that I like in games.

Though I bet the metal string was a succes in the male gaming populace. Elika is too western-looking. God no!!! Definitely Kaileena or Farah. My personal pick is Farah. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Shadee i hate Elika is strong yeah but really bipolar, one minute she is a badass, the next persia whiny girl, the next dead Can't decide.

I technically like all 4. Shahdee was a fun boss, Kaileena was alexis texas uncensored most tragic one with sociopathic tendencies, Elika was such a strong character and Farah is I won't vote. New here, Hi! Gently seductive style. Prince there Echoing shadows!! Originally posted by Echoingshadows: I agree with you completely. Do say something about Shahdee too!! That's a new one.

As I recall, it was the Prince who couldn't restrain himself from literally "jumping" on her, on the journey back to Babylon. I know Same with the Dahaka. Naked the Prince aside like a fly. Naturally he didn't take that well Ok, I'll be fair http: Originally posted by persiateddy I would just change Shahdee for Farah, though.

Probably been like that for a while.

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But, I just looked at the polls and Elika's overrun it. I would have voted prince Kaileena if she hadn't been ruined in T2T - I know I had the option of not voting for T2T's Kaileena, but to me, they're the same, unlike the naked versions of Farah in alternate timelines. I'm sorry Oksana pochepa photos hot If Ubi ruins skin, Kaileena might become number again on my list.

Jesus, what's with you people and that Elika girl? She seems so fake and unauthentic, not to mention her neurotic and bipolar tendencies.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing screams fake more then Shadhee and Kaileena http: Why the hell do you care? Those chicks are computer-generated characters. Does it really matter which one looks better than others? Of course it matters, Elika don't wanna play an persia computer-generated character http: This Elika Farah and are packed in fish nets.

D Note: Prince of persia elika nude mod 1 0. Prince of persia elika nude requires TexMod Not included in the archive. All Mods.