Erotic ghost story 3

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Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. Want to see. Super Reviewer. Movie Info. Set in the Tang Dynasty, the plot concerns an engaged couple, Chu Chung and Liu Su-su, who encounter numerous fantastical adventures after meeting Reverend Wick Shing Fui-ona cleric who can shrink himself to the size of an atom.


Exploring an abandoned shack, Chu Chung finds a painting which is a gateway to another world, where he meets three beautiful maidens. Chu is told that Chia Yuan is a rapist and had kidnapped I-meng -- lies which lead him to believe that the god is evil and murder him. The whole thing is being engineered by a female demon called Vixen, who wants to cannibalize Chia Yuan to obtain his powerful source of Yang energy.

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The repentant I-meng sees the error of her ways and helps Chu get back home to his world, but his beloved Su-su gets trapped in the other dimension, leading Chu and Reverend Wick to attempt a daring rescue mission. Chu Chung is such a person. Everywhere he goes, beautiful Suzie, who is betrothed to him, follows.

So they meet Wick, a monk endowed with magic powers. Chu Chung sees a picture of an exceedingly beautiful girl and falls in love with her. He begs Wick to help him cross the human-spiritual barrier to enter the picture. Chrissy lee porn Chung meets the girl Yi-meng. Erotic Ghost Story Fantasy Horror.

Erotic Ghost Story III (Liao zhai san ji zhi deng cao he shang) () - Rotten Tomatoes

Liao zhai yan tan xu ji zhi wu tong shen Robotrix Action Comedy Crime. Erotic Ghost Story: Perfect Match Jin ping mei Comedy Drama. Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 Adventure Drama Horror.

New Jin Pin Mei I Drama Romance.

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The Forbidden Legend: Liao zhai zhi yi: Nie yu gu gui A Chinese Torture Chamber Story Comedy Drama Thriller. Groper Train: Keyboard Shortcuts. Already Subscribed? Subscribe Now. Connect To My Subscription. The browser you are using is not compatible with the Now Player website.

Chu is drawn to a painting on the wall, which opens up to take him into the afterlife where he falls into the arms of I-Meng.

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Su-Su is then captured by her Ladyship who rules the afterlife. Ladyship tricks Chu into using his powerful yang force and killing the god Chia Yuan, something that gives her total dominion over the afterlife and the power to rule Earth. He begs Wick to help him cross the human-spiritual barrier to enter the picture. Chu Chung meets the girl Yi-meng. They make love.

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