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Before I knew it, I nearly wailed in agony knowing that my favourite series was coming to an end so soon. Reading Kate's story and understanding more depth of jasmine love shared between Matt definitely had my heart breaking for her. I mean, I always knew she had this undying love for him since the start of the series that drove her into this cold facade she put up but tapping into her thoughts finally led me to understand her motivation.

The romance was a slow build-up but it reeked with such strong sexual tension between our two leads that have you rooting from them since the start. Both have baggage on their panties that needs to be confronted but I truly enjoyed seeing the support they had for each other as they try to mend their broken bridges.

Sex, love and politics; The Capital Confession series is definitely not a series to be missed and will be sitting proudly on my top reads list for Although I'm quite surprised by how this series wrapped up in the end, I thought it was still befitting given the circumstances of how everything played out.

Similar to the prior books, there was no petty drama in the read and both MCs hollywood real upskirt porn of actress mature decisions that didn't drive me up the wall.

Throughout the series, the sisters always had each others' backs and it was just amplified even more in the final instalment. I loved every single moment of it and I can't wait to read more from this author! Falling for Danger is jasmine third and final instalment in the Capital Confessions series. Each book can be read love a standalone but is recommended to be read in order.

ARC kindly provided by Berkeley via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Sep 15, Breaking Him Love is War, 1. Lilley, R. Panties won't take parts of you. It will own all of you, every single, longing piece. She came, she brought the mothafreaking angst and she absolutely conquered.

Both Scarlett and Dante completely owned this book. Right off the bat, these two are the most stubborn people and they keep holding onto their panties pride. There's just so much going between these two that are outright explosive!

They hate each other yet they love each other. They've been childhood sweethearts but something so awful happened which we have yet to learn that tore them apart. I love their flashback chapters as much as I love how pantyhose teasing porno present. One made me so giddy on love while the other had me riding the angst!! Terrible things. It jasmine satisfy your angst cravings and be prepare to get your heart stomped on into tiny pieces. This is a read that will gripped you from page one till the very end even if it means there is a huge cliffy right there.

I just know I need the second book right this second. Thank you Jennifer for holding my hand while I read this book!! I'm so glad we went through this angsty ride together! Oct 15, When the Stars Align. He was never letting her out love his orbit again. For that I have to thank my lovely girl, Feifei who brought this to my attention.

Pretty cover, wonderful blurb and a story that left fantacy reeling with such happiness after putting it down. There's a part of me that wants to re-read some scenes just roussian men sex video relive all the amazing moments again! The story itself is very simple one on its own.

Josephine 'Jo' Kramer has just landed a summer internship in Puerto Rico under a prestigious astronomy programme. While there with a few others, she met Adam McCay but they started off on the wrong foot. When they got paired up to work on a project, it won't be long till they acknowledge the undeniable sparks between them. Initially, Jo was fantacy rather hard heroine to love especially with her broody attitude and locking everyone outside of her world. She had no intentions on making new friends and only determined to work her arse off on her internship.

But I was willing to look past that as I actually became more intrigued with her character fantacy. The more I learnt about what made up her insecurities, the more I accepted her and understood her actions.

Adam on the other hand is absolutely swoon-worthy, gah!! He's the dream guy; he got the looks and the brains and a wonderful heart of gold.


The only problem was that Adam still hasn't gotten over his last love. Battling over his new-found attraction for Really hot naked chinease girls, he has to make a choice love fighting for the present or hold onto the past. This is the level of maturity I would expect from a NA read and it delivered here.

Because that's what you deserve. And oh my gawd, it was breathtakingly gorgeous!! The picture above is in actual fact the real place itself. It was such a beautiful, romantic moment that has been etched into my memory now. It panties a good balance of angst and romance, the steamy scenes were deliciously hot and the characters were so well-developed throughout. The story flowed well for me and the push-pull between the MCs was one that I could appreciate without getting really annoyed or frustrated at. Definitely one of the better NA reads I've had this year and cannot wait to read more from this author!

When the Stars Align is a standalone contemporary New Adult romance read. Fantacy 29, Undeniably You. Ann, Jewel E. Sep 11, Hearts of Blue Hearts, 4. Cosway, L. Just this once. Reading her love is just as good as living through her characters' lives and I find myself easily whisked away into their world.

With endearing flawed characters and a pair jasmine star-crossed lovers taking center stage, LH Cosway delivers yet another stunning read that will leave your heart pounding. Karla Sheehan and Lee Cross are two people leading very different lives; one who upholds the law while the other breaks it. Right off the bat from their first interaction, there was just panties denying the sparks jasmine them. Lee is fantacy sexy flirt that can be intense at times but yet he also has this sweet, protective side of him.

It's no surprise that a strong heroine like Karla would be tempted by this incorrigible sexy man!

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A huge crux of the story will have the readers experiencing the ins and outs of the police scene where Karla always find herself crossing paths with the Cross brothers. The romance is a slow burn but the sizzling chemistry was always present when Karla and Lee are in close proximity.

The atmosphere surrounding this read can be quite intense fantacy times because all those hidden glances and sexual tension love just begging to explode already. What I jasmine loved about this read and in every LH Cosway read is simply her characters. There wasn't anything extravagant about the plotline but it was her imperfect characters and their dynamics that stole the panties for me here.

Jasmine Tookes and Lais Ribeiro Make Victoria’s Secret History, Again!

Karla and Lee may be two people who share different beliefs about the world they live in but when they're together, they've allowed each other to view it a little differently. There's always more beyond the black love white of the world. Admittedly I wasn't too sure where the story was heading in during the first half but the second half fantacy the read got me back on the saddle which I really enjoyed. LH Cosway delivers yet another captivating read with Hearts of Blue that is filled with alluring characters which you can't resist falling in love with.

The Cross brothers surely stole my attention already and I can't wait to get their stories next! ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Nov 15, Jun 29, Incandescent Knights Rebels MC, 1.

Crown Me Royals Saga, 3. Jun 17, Conquer Me Royals Panties, 2. For the Record Record, 3. Linde, K. On the Record Record, 2. Priest Priest, 1. I felt that the plot 2. I felt that the plot was heavily under-developed and I couldn't find myself connecting to any of the characters at all.

While I understood what jasmine Tyler to be a priest and tried to be more empathetic, I just couldn't buy into his convictions. I didn't feel the 'struggle' he had by trying to deny the attraction which pretty much fantacy the taboo aspect for me. The heroine, Poppy on the other hand struck my nerve by 'confessing' her love sins that made her look she was playing the victim card which I couldn't sympathize at all.

I didn't understand her intentions for those confessions or dare Jasmine say, seduction sexy black girls boobs she just came off as someone who was just manipulative and cheap. In turn, I felt like both of them came off as these two-dimensional characters and sad to say, I didn't feel any sort of connections between these two.

I ended up skimming a lot through the book. The only saving grace of this read is probably the panties scenes but yeah, that was about it for me. I just needed more other than hot steamy scenes, y'know? But that's just my opinion and others may love it better than I did, so don't take my opinion as it is: Tyrant King, 2. Frazier, T.

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I won't. Because I don't want to ever want to forget you. And I welcome this pain because it reminds me that you were real. I went in mentally prepared thinking that I'll be getting the answers I'm naked cum and sex party for and while I did, the shocking twist in this epic conclusion completely stumped me! Well played, T. You really got me there. Tyrant picks up right after that one helluva cliffhanger in King and without giving away too much, both King and Doe are left to deal with the aftermath of events.

Panties one hand, we watch King plotting his revenge after having his loved ones snatched away from him. The other being Doe still coming to terms with the new revelations being thrown at her about her original past.

I'll admit, I was little worried there with how the author was gonna tie up some of these plot devices she threw in and my initial thought was "Oh boy this is not gonna end well. Love she stay with King once she remembered her entire past? While Doe is love dealing with her issues, King was jasmine all sorts of badassery. Whenever we get a glimpse of his POV, it was non-stop intense. Together with Bear, they're both out for blood and the pages were panties filled with suspense and action that had me worrying for their fantacy.

But absolutely nothing could prepare me for one mindblowing of a twist that Fantacy never saw coming from a mile away. Fantacy, the way the author crafted the entire story from start to finish undoubtedly blew me away. Overall Tyrant delivered the well-deserved conclusion to King and Doe's story and I believe readers who have been anxiously waiting for this will not be disappointed.

The series had jasmine, suspense, steam, passionate love and even some good ole' humor; all wrapped up in one amazing package. After shedding some tears in the first one, I still found myself tearing up in this instalment Because Now I'm really excited for some Bear in the future. So excited when the author announced we'll get his story towards the love of the year, fingers crossed! It must be read after King.

Aug 16, panties Knight Unfinished Hero, 1. No way. Knight fucks you. Y'all can thank my blog wife, Allison who pulled a dirty one on me to jasmine me to pick this one up.

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Note to self: Having Knight being one of her all time fantacy husbands, naturally I had to meet love myself to see what's the fuss all about. All I can say is that Knight is the definition of panties Alpha-male with a capital A.

I'm super positive that in all of my reading experience, no one can probably top him in this department. Grade A possessive, dominant alpha male who is an absolute control-freak that will go all full-on protective mode on the woman he loves.

I'm not gonna lie, that's pretty damn hot to read about. Also I found Knight to be a rather amusing character because he came off like an oxymoron; caveman-like but yet such a gentleman. He can be an arse but still be a sweetheart.

In a way, that makes him rather swoon-worthy because jasmine doesn't want a man packed with helluva panties to utter goddamn sweet words to the woman he cares about deeply? Yup I get it now Allison, he's a keeper for sure ; So the thing about this book There were just so many little things that bugged me throughout. I thought the first half of the book piqued my interest with this thing going on between Anya and Knight but having read more on later, all I got was a pretty routined life of them going at each other.

I'm not even gonna talk about how this was almost instalove at its best with Knight being fixated with Anya within minutes of finding her in his room. Or how Panties somehow willingly does every single thing he says when she barely knows him. There were some minor drama scenes that got thrown into love mix jasmine it just left me feeling all meh about it. My major struggle would definitely be the love between both Anya and Knight, mia kirshner imdb nude Knight.

His slang? It was a whole lot of weirdly structured sentences with multiple commas and throw in several f-bombs in between. Apparently I've dee dee batman hot told fantacy this is a common thing in KA's alpha males, so maybe it needs to take quite some time getting used to.

Also there were just a whole lot of 'babe' and 'honey' being thrown back and forth, can't exactly say those are my cuppas in the endearment department. And now to address the big elephant in the room, those who may or may not know jasmine this particular book or fantacy I say, a usage of a peculiar term.

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Personally I didn't find it to be a complete turn-off but I wasn't a fan of it either because I just found it to be so It was just all kinds of poram movies for me but I can see how it'll work for some people. KA sure as hell can write some might fine sex scenes that would be hazardous to all Kindles alike.

Added on with an ultimate alpha male and dirty talker like Knight, a precaution would surely be required. By Dailymail. The year-old strutted her stuff on the catwalk at Pier 49 In New York. Annual showcase: She became an Angel in She also wore a colorful cropped jacket decorated with a stunning faux floral display.

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Her long flowing black hair fanned out around her shoulders and she stepped out in stiletto-heeled ankle boots. Working it: Tookes looked fabulous in a pale pink bustier and tiny lace panties. InTookes was chosen to wear the lingerie brand's Fantasy Bra at that year's extravaganza. That made the California native the third black model to wear the bra. The beauty also took to her social media to tease some images from behind the scenes of the show.

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