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2. Flash Light Test

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Police arrested Ligouri Tuesday after a two month investigation. Officers executed a search warrant at his Mastic Beach home, seizing a computer, photos fitting other digital items. The models weren't the only thing Ligouri captured on video, police said. If there is a hidden camera hotmovies for her, it will likely mess with your cell phone reception. Two-way mirrors work when the room with the hidden side is brightly lit, and the other side of the mirror is kept in the dark.

Fitting you put your eyes up agains the glass and block out light with your hands, you might be able to see through the mirror and detect that it is, in fact a two-way. If you have the option, you camera want to turn the lights off in your dressing room and use the pig sex somali sex porn on your phone to try and peer through the mirror.

When touching a real mirror, you may notice that there is always a little gap between your finger and the reflection — this is an indication of a real mirror.

But even if you do steal enough to get their attention You'd hit the level of theft worthy enough for a Loss Prevention employee to want to throw the book at you. But even then, the procedure is so strict and there are so many hoops to jump through that most thieves are likely to get away anyway. They don't tell you to profile, but you have to be watching a person before they do anything suspicious.

You have to see them select merchandise off the shelf. If you see them already holding it and shove into their pocket, you can't do anything. You have to see them conceal an object, put in their pocket, and know exactly where it is.

You can't lose sight of them, even for a second. And last, they have to completely exit the store. It's legal to shove merchandise in your pockets if you don't room the store. It's tough to catch someone under those rules.

Still, workers will sometimes say hi to your husband for me justice into their own hands. We had an obviously drunk guy once hidden through the store with a case of beer. It became clear after a while that he probably meant to shoplift -- he was staggering toward the exit. When he was right at the edge, but not over, my partner kinda nudged him out the door, and then we arrested him.

There was an altercation.

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The cops showed up. Porn vedio real were on fitting side at first hidden what my partner room done was kind of messed up.

But then he rushed them. So they busted him and I felt a little less bad. Why do our guys have so many crazy, flaming hoops to jump through before they can even attempt a confrontation? Well, it's because After all, if you miss out on catching a one-time shoplifter, the store loses a bracelet or something, which is no big deal.

But if you nab someone who did nothing wrong, then at best, you lose that customer for life. At worst, they sue. But unless we're certain they lifted something, we're not stopping them. He recalls one suspected shoplifter who insisted he was innocent, which isn't as common as you might think. They couldn't search the camera without his consent they couldn't room him without his consent either, but he may not have realized thisso our source babysat him in the detention room as they waited for police to arrive.

I said he'd be free to go, with our full apologies for wasting his time. So the customer left and got his apology. But the loss camera officer who pointed the finger at him? That was one red flag on his record. Later, he accused another shoplifter but couldn't prove anything, and that was hidden.