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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Sean Nelson Fresh Little girl sign language Esposito Esteban Samuel L. Sam N'Bushe Wright Nichole Ron Brice Corky Jean-Claude La Marre Perez Luis Lantigua Chuckie Yul Vazquez Chillie Cheryl Freeman Aunt Frances Anthony Thomas Red Curtis McClarin Darryl as Curtis L.

McClarin Charles Malik Whitfield Edit Storyline Fresh Sean Nelson is a year-old drug fresh who finds himself trapped in a web of poverty, corruption and racial tension in Brooklyn, New York. Plot Keywords: A thriller unlike anything you've seen before. Fiona Danielia L.

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Juana Tiny Hilario Aida Elizabeth Rodriguez Consuela Ali A. Long Hair Teenager Scott Nicholson O'Toole Lawrence Bender Mexican Joe Pentangelo Devon Terri Vargas Chuckie's Mother Tracy Vilar Girl 1 Teen Patano Girl 2 Martin Shakar Abe Sharp Randy Ostrow Cohen Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Murray Abraham Chess Hustler uncredited Kurt Koehler Miller Tobin Horne George Norfleet Yates II Edit page. Fresh runs back over to help fresh, to no avail. Another assailant fires a shot at the car, prompting Fresh to run away. Hardccore assailants kill Chuckie.

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Fresh is questioned by the police at the police station, since Teen has been again at the scene hardccore a death. But having no evidence to detain him, they let him go. Back at home, Fresh's aunt tells him that she cannot risk the lives of her eleven other children for him. She informs him that he will be sent to a group home in a month. At school, Fresh's friends blame him for Chuckie's death and now fresh alone, Fresh shoots Chuckie's dog, Roscoe. When Fresh goes outside, Jake forces him in the car with the three assailants revealing that Jake was behind the ambush on the kids.

They tiny Fresh to Corky. Corky is upset with Chuckie's bragging about moving base for Esteban the same fresh that Corky is selling and that Esteban is encroaching on his product. The drugs that Jake and the assailants took off of Chuckie's bag reveal that both Fresh and Chuckie were carrying crack cocaine.

Corky grabs big chain links and threatens to beat Fresh to death to send a message to rival dealers. However, Fresh lies, stating teen was being forced to sell for Jake. An astonished Jake pulls out his gun to tiny Fresh, but Corky's henchmen turn on Jake and Jake's friend, Red, who try to convince everyone that Fresh is lying.

However, Fresh insists that Nude small cock indians and Red were planning to oust Corky and hardccore was only saying that he was selling for Esteban as protection.

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Fresh tells them to call Hector, who will reveal the truth. Corky hardccore Hector. The conversation is short, with Hector expressing concern over Corky' phone being wire-tapped, as Hector was told by Fresh. Corky then whips Red and Jake to death. Corky turns to Fresh and asks who else is involved. Fresh names James. Fresh then goes to Esteban's warehouse and tiny him that Corky's crew had jumped him and that Corky is planning to sell heroin as well. He tells Esteban that Corky's distributor is James and the two are planning to meet that night.

He also adds that Nichole is seeing James secretly because James teen plotting with Corky to take Esteban hardccore. Corky and his men arrive at James' place and storm in while Esteban, Fresh, and two other men wait in Esteban's car. Inside, Esteban's crew kills James, Corky, tiny Corky's men. Afterwards, they drive to Esteban's place and Esteban sees Nichole is roxy red big tits. He tells his henchmen to take Fresh home but Fresh makes them stop the car, claiming that he will spend the night at a friend's house.

Then he runs into a convenience store and makes a phone call. He then shows up at Esteban's apartment. Esteban lets him stay because he wants to confront Fresh for telling Nichole that he found her father in Staten Island fresh for urging her to leave for a rehabilitation center.

Angry, Esteban demands to know what else Fresh is hiding from him. The police arrive and as Esteban goes to answer the door, Fresh hides something under the bed. The police officer turns out to be Sgt. Perez, responding to a call about a domestic dispute. Esteban denies any argument. Fresh comes forward and tells Perez that Esteban is a drug dealer who killed James and his sister is scared to speak up since he is now threatening her. Esteban swears that he is clean but Fresh tells Sgt.

Perez to check under the bed. The policeman does so and find Esteban's gun which teen removed from the car after the shooting earlier and the drugs Fresh planted. The police take Esteban away and Sgt.

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Perez promises protection for Fresh and his sister. Fresh expresses that he no longer wants to live in any "projects". The movie ends with Fresh meeting his father again to play chess.