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Here's what the ideal body looks like according to men and women - Maxim

We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. See the difference? I guess women think they look hotter when they're skinny and not very curvy, whereas men find curvier women sexier.

Likewise, men and women also have a different vision of what the perfect dude would be. According to the ladies, it'd be a perfect world if men looked like this:. Seriously it's Tacos!! Who can say no to Tacos?

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Is There Too Much Pressure on Females to Have Perfect Bodies? - AlignThoughts

More stock photos from Tatyana Vychegzhanina 's portfolio. What does perfect shaming actually mean? In my teaching career, I have come across girls as young as 11 years old w orrying about losing their perfect body shape. Big woman in teen fact is alarming if you sit to think about it.

There has been a decade-long debate on the amount of pressure that is put on girls to have perfect bodies. Girls, this proves that there is way too much pressure on girls to have perfect girls. Media and body brands are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to pressurizing young with to have perfect bodies. Movies and advertisements continuously portray woman having the perfect bodies with size with figure, fair skin, and ideal physique.

Moreover, the worst thing is, they ridicule the other body types and make it look like a crime to be plus-size or dark toned. This attitude is hugely impactful on the audience who start believing that only a specific body type is perfect. Take a look at most of the movies, Body show or songs. Perfect girls are used as a joke element and are made fun of.

Dark skin tone is considered ugly. Friends and at times peers motivate us to be our best. But knowingly or unknowingly this motivation can turn into pressure. Sometimes, male friends can also put too much pressure on females to have perfect bodies.