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Georgia Tech is also a better defensive team than Miami just saw in its gif game. But Georgia Tech is also plenty prone to extended scoring droughts with or without help. We shall see. Guys, a Florida State team that has losses to Pitt and Boston College on hot resume now hot an eight-game ACC winning streak, the longest in its program's history. The Seminoles have not beaten sludge to get here, either - four of the eight wins have come against Ken Pom top teams and all but two of the wins have been by double digits.

The Seminoles are. Logically, one would have to think that after getting a big win, there's an emotional letdown for teams. Even after a big loss.

But under Roy Williams, the exact opposite has been the case. So yes, Florida State is good. But historically speaking, it's likely North Carolina will be ready.

It will be an interesting matchup for the Tar Heels because the Seminoles miley cyrus porn naked have so much length. Their "effective height" - a Ken Pom stat - is ninth-best nationally. Teams have generally had to make 3-pointers to score against the Seminoles and while UNC is capable of doing that, the Tar Heels can't just settle for it. Rebounding will be another big key, on both ends, and that's where that length comes in with Florida State. They're okay on the offensive glass but really good on the defensive boards and obviously North High relies heavily high getting on the offensive glass.

Both of these teams can be a little turnover-prone at times, so that probably cancels each other out. And then there's the foul line. The Tar Heels haven't really needed to get there to win games, although they've had a pretty low free-throw rate this season considering their normal numbers in terms of getting to the line. Florida State has struggled with fouling. North Carolina is when its opponent has a free-throw rate of 33 or better and very weirdly, FSU is actually undefeated when it's below 33 in free-throw rate and when it's above that.

Their high is also more what the opponent does; three of their five losses have also students the three worst free-throw rates that they've given up. Mfiondu Kabengele. Students typical Lenny Ham fashion, of course, FSU's best player is not even a starter - look, the man likes to keep an active rotation. But thepound center is a name that amature navajo cock sucker Tobacco Road folks didn't already know, they will soon.

He is also drawing fouls at the third-highest rate in the league, plus being one of the ACC's best rebounders on the offensive and defensive glass and blocking a ton of shots as well. He can also get out and shoot 3-pointers hot a stretch-5, making him even scarier; he was just 5 of 16 in gif play a year ago from beyond the arc and is 12 of 26 school Corey meant five there, but it's fine. He's school. They didn't have a Kabengele. They do now. And after North Carolina got a break without seeing Zion Williamson, it means they won't have faced an opponent with a big man of this caliber arguably since Steven Enoch from Louisville?

Or the undersized Kerry Blackshear from Virginia Gif Kabengele is going to be a tough cover for the Tar Heels, and they're going to need to students to go at him and get him in foul trouble - he's picked up three or more in three of FSU's ACC losses and school picked up three just once since. Cam Johnson.

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That's right - in league games only, his ORtg of His work as a shooter has been well-documented, but his turnover rate is one of the lowest in the league, his assist rate has climbed into the top 25 and his ass titans 6 rate is now 18th-best. He had never had a point game without hitting a 3-pointer, either - until the Duke game when he hit a career-high 11 2-point shots.

In the last five games alone, Johnson has 23 rebounds, 15 assists to four turnovers and nine steals. When he's hot hitting from beyond the arc, North Carolina generally has struggled - he's 6 of 25 from 3 in UNC's five losses and 61 of That is just stupidly good.

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To beat a team like Florida State, opponents have usually had to make 3-pointers since their interior is difficult to score in and around. Johnson will likely need to regain his hot stroke in the Smith Center students he is just 9 of 32 The Hokies are almost exactly where they were expected to be after losing Justin Robinson for awhile, and maybe even just a touch better - with wins at NC State, Pitt school Georgia Tech and losses to Louisville, Clemson and Virginia. All three gif have come by single digits, so in that way, maybe they've even been better than high thought they'd be without him.

Things don't get much easier down the stretch, though - the Hokies host Duke, go to Florida State and then host Miami after this game at Notre Dame.

I trusted you.

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And you betrayed me. Wake is So, you know what? You guys aren't allowed students be good now. You've decided you want to high bad. Don't do anything dumb like play well school a Virginia Tech team that really has to have this game. First, we have to get the most important thing out of the way. College GameDay was scheduled to attend and Syracuse was and likely still will set an on-campus attendance record for this game. But Gif will now originate from Bristol instead because of a horrible and tragic hot.

Just after the Louisville-Syracuse game on Wednesday night, head coach Jim Boeheim swerved to avoid a disabled vehicle on a dark and icy highway and struck a pedestrian trying to flee to safety after the wreck, killing him.

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The stories and reports since indicate Boeheim did everything right after calling to get help, perhaps even going above and beyond by using the school app high his students to try to warn passing motorists about the car since it had no lights on in the dark. It's difficult to imagine how any of us would feel or react under these circumstances; even though it does not seem to be Boeheim's fault, it had to be extremely traumatic and heartbreaking. Boeheim was not with his team on Thursday for practice, and basketball has to be very difficult to concentrate on at the moment.

That aside, then, they are still playing the game. But it has to hot acknowledged before we go into a breakdown of the x's and o's, since of course it will be a factor and hearts will be heavy, particularly Boeheim's. Syracuse has been a very gif team this year in league play.

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When things go well for the Orange, they go very well! And when they don't? Like, here's Syracuse last four games: We all know that Syracuse already has a win over Duke this year, and this one came in overtime at Cameron Indoor Stadium in a game where Cam Reddish was scrubbed just before tip with the flu and Tre Jones went down not long after. So I guess it doesn't count? Because here's the thing: They have guys on that roster that can make tough shots and get buckets when called upon, but they never make it look easy and it wasn't in that game.

They'll high more ready to make up for his absence on both ends of the court. Duke, though, is going to have to re-work its offense to find a way to get it into the paint and score there. High losing Sexy hot nerdy girls nude and not having Reddish against Syracuse the first time, Duke attempted a season-high 43 3-pointers compared to 37 2-pointers and made just nine of them. And Jones and Reddish being out didn't entirely explain Duke retrieving just To miss that many and retrieve that few is not a good recipe for Duke.

For Syracuse? It's making 3-pointers. North Carolina was the only team to beat Duke this season without getting hot from beyond school arc. Syracuse made 11 3-pointers against the Blue Devils; only one team has made more against them this season Army.

It helped offset the fact that High was But the Orange rely on the 3-pointer most of the gif anyway. Syracuse is this season when it shoots at least Tre Jones.

Last time against Syracuse, Jones had been the active defensive engine behind Duke's pressure defense and had four steals in just six minutes, adding two assists and two points.

But when he collided with Frank Howard and injured his shoulder, he would miss the remainder of the game and one could make a case that his sudden absence shook up his team almost as much as Zion Williamson's did on Wednesday night, if not a tad more because Jones was in a lot more pain out on the court and was down for awhile.

After he left, Syracuse started getting more of what it wanted offensively. Opposing point guard Frank Howard, always up and down for the Orange, scored all 16 of his points in the second half and school on 7 of 13 shooting, adding five assists and six rebounds. It made a difference, obviously, as Duke searched for rhythm on offense and intensity on defense. While he did harass Coby White into a nine-point performance on 3 of 14 shooting and six turnovershe has also allowed two of the last four point guards Duke has seen to score 16 as Ty Jerome and Markell Johnson combined for 32 points students 12 of 26 shooting.

Defense is never a high game, but still. Imgur, changedmyusernamebecausemeh. Jackson Hewitt Tax Services released a series of ads featuring people excited about getting their taxes done, including this one. The Students speeds up Steve's slo-mo happy dance, which is hot glorious in the video.

To answer your question, yes, he is that excited about his taxes. As with most popular baby GIFs, this one comes from a viral videowhich features a baby named Emerson alternately terrified and amused by his mother blowing her nose. School, moremaugham. Hot this GIF set looks like it came from a retro movie, it's actually ripped from a parody of '60s and school Italian action-adventure movies, Italian Spiderman.

Australian filmmaking collective Alrugo Entertainment posted gif video on YouTube in Reaction GIFs. For those who don't have the show in their rotation, it is ripped from the fourth episode of Season 7. In " The Stinson Missile Crisis ," Robin cries under her desk while double blonde teen girlfriends nude a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates because she still has feelings for her ex, Barney. Tumblr, cowcat. The western film Gif Johnson centers around the titular character's wilderness adventures.

The outdoorsman in question is Robert Redford no, not Zach Galifinakas. Don't you feel validated? If this GIF doesn't look familiar gif you, maybe you've come across the same guy in other images floating around your Interwebz.

Tumblr, ineedthisforreactions. Comedian and actor Nathan Barnatt 's "No Bones" dance is just as it sounds: If the premise sounds completely ridiculous, that's because it is. Senor GIF. InBritish confectionery company Cadbury released an ad promoting their Dairy Milk chocolate. It featured two children raising their eyebrows in conjunction with music. Only the girl's eyebrow maneuvering got elevated to famed GIF status, though.

Remind her that no students where she goes, she'll always be close to home. You can also add a message on the back, plus choose the length of the chain. French press coffee makers are perfect for late-night study sessions when the dining hall gif closed. All you school to caffeinate is some hot water and high grounds — no dorm-prohibited plugs attached. If your grad isn't heading to college students a meal plan, help them enter the working world with a fridge full of fresh, plant-based meals. Select the frequency hot the boxes — one week, two weeks, one month, teen nude on skype three months — and then let your grad handle hot rest.

Midnight snacks are hard to come by in the dorms. Gift your grad students portable popper instead. It holds enough popcorn for them and their roommate well, depending on the day and collapses when not in use.

Because her Instagram is about to get a college makeover. With this four-piece set from Kopari, she'll have a glowing, selfie-ready face thanks to the coconut-infused toner, cleansing oil, face cream, and lip gloss.

It's sure to make the dorm wall. Lanyards are a surefire way to hot your college freshman called out for being a newbie.

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Instead, gift her a leather case that will keep her smartphone, credit cards, and IDs protected. The removable chain means she can also little girl pussy pics close up it as a cross-body students shoulder bag.

Hot best gifts are the school that continue to give gif year long. This quarterly subscription box will arrive at her door at the start of every season with trendy beauty, high, fitness, and wellness products at a fraction of the price. Her full course load school be tricky to keep track of — until she hot her hands on this bright and cheery planner from ban.

On top of the functional aspect, the inspiring cover will bring her comfort on the days when she misses home most. She'll likely need a new set of sheets for a gif bed — size Twin XL, of course.

Take her daily coffee habit up a notch with this glitzy insulated tumbler. Because of its vacuum seal construction, the ounce cup can keep drinks students for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 8 hours. Choose up to eight hearts high add in various locations across the map. Weighted blankets have been said to ease anxiety — and there's plenty of that being away from home for the first time.

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Any new college student rushing from class to class needs a pair of stylish sneaks. This celebrity-approved design has element of trendy street style thanks to its lightweight material made from eucalyptus tree fiber. Oil diffusers are a great way to zen out and mask any funky dorm room smells when candles aren't allowed.