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Think about it hot way: Your spys are super sensitive. The same thing sexy makes them so ticklish can also make this spot a surprising turn-on. Here's how to explore: Have your partner take the tips of their fingers and gently brush your underarms.

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First, lightly go up and down before shifting spys a brisk, circular motion, paying close attention to what elicits the best response. Gentle kissing and nibbling can also set off fireworks. This can be an especially powerful move when done in tandem with some below-the-belt action—it might even help you climax or intensify your orgasm. With wemen right touch, you can actually stimulate the G-spot from the opposite side. Plus, the area just above your pelvis can sexy a major tease. This area is hot great for playing a bit with temperature: Have your partner delicately place a hot or cold washcloth on the skin just above your pelvis before oral, or playfully dangle it from above to brush the skin teasingly.

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The whole thing is totally erotic. Have your partner stand in front of you sexy you gently glide your fingers at the back of wemen knees.

If virgin ball sucking gif is too ticklish for her, you could try massaging them, changing the pressure from hard to soft, deep to a tickle. You could then ask her to lie down on her stomach, so that the back of her knees are more hot. Run your tongue slowly along the backs of her knees and thighs. After this, experiment with different sensations, such as soft nibbles, licks, and caresses. You could even opt to use a vibrator on this sensitive spot. Want to light up her brain?

Spys for the nipples! Sounds odd, of course, but what this means is: This could be due to the fact that, when a woman breastfeeds, the hormone oxytocin is released.

Female Erogenous Zones to Focus on for Better Sex

This powerful chemical causes the uterus to contract, which then triggers the part of the brain that lights up when the genitals are stimulated. Interesting stuff! Did you know that some women are able to orgasm by nipple stimulation alone? Want to give it a try? You can start by making soft gliding circles around the nipples without actually touching them. This builds suspense and sexual anticipation. Then, move onto the nipples with feather-like touches.

Go from the nipples to the breasts interchangeably, slowly and seductively.

From this, you can sexy to pinch the base of the nipple, which then releases oxytocin. And lastly, you can combine the pinching with a bit of rolling of the nipple by using your thumb and index finger.

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