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See what I mean about educated and humorous? She gives both sides of the story, be it the pros naked cons of a certain sex act or the sociological development of an idea we use in our sexual culture. Laci recognized a need for realistic sexual education in America and did something about it — a lot of somethings, actually.

View More Posts by this Author. Your email address will not be published. Sex Positivty Plus! She talks about all types of sex: On her Nude channel, she talks about… Sex with disabilites: Anal sex: Casual sex! She's a nutcase of epic proportions which I am sure won't surprise anyone: Also that face while pointing to her muffstache Super CollieA Cold Potatodookerbewitt and 1 other person.

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And then slam Men for all the qualities that they actually secretly find attractive, because they desperately want to get fucked by big alpha studs but can't appear in public as "sluts" Nobody laci her videos for the content. It's the tits. She even uses them for the Youtube thumbnails to lure hot girl smile naked pussy in but claims women shouldn't be objectified. Fuck internet SJWs. Kip Winger Super Saiyan 4 said: She's a well of hypocrisy.

Even her own fans are turning on her green the "YouTube Drama" video where she claims Philip DeFranco "hates" her now. Grow up, Laci. Also no one should point at their groin like that. naked

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It's not a miracle that you can grow a bush. CaloobyespurriPostal Dude and 9 others. QB Guest kiwifarms. Kumquat lol I can't read. About time this special snowflake got her own thread.

I was about to make it myself. Caught between extremes. Laci Green Uploaded by Don. Laci Green Uploaded by 3kole5.

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Laci Green Uploaded by Picturez. Laci Green Uploaded by Molly Horan. Laci Green Uploaded by PatrickBateman Facebook Comments. Add a Comment. We see that you're using an ad-blocker! Infinite Scroll. Word Up!

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You must login or signup first! The second video came under fire for Green's blatant misrepresentation of a tweet by trans activist and YouTuber Zinnia Jones.

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After Jones stated that she had no issue telling heterosexual cis men who are "exclusionary of trans women partners" that "they should try to work through [their reservations]," [36] a user going by the moniker Count Slambo asked, "Work through a DICK? How does THAT work exactly? I don't know dude. She personally responded "Excuse you, gogreen I said "your trans girlfriend".

As in new things to try with a partner. So much for sex-positivity. Green also claimed in her laci video on gender identity that colleges are banning The Naked Monologues because it "implies some women have vaginas. Immediately after her Vagina Monologues claim, Green stated that "feminist blogs" are full of pseudoscience nude, such as the claim that "males get menstrual cramps too.

To very few people's surprise, Green is being defended by right-wingers, who have quickly green together to smear the trans community as "cult-like. caught stroking

Laci Green's Uncensored Guide to "Butt Sex"

Fighting pseudoscience isn't free. Donations so far: Jump to: You are totally right and I sincerely apologize for my mistake. Before I educated myself about trans issues I had not the slightest inkling of how the word is used to dehumanize nor its place in the cycle of violence against transfolk.

Now I have seen people hurt by it and seen it used as a nasty slur.

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If I knew that was in a video, it would have been long long ago removed. Consider it banished forever. So much work ahead to mend, heal, and restore the U in USA.