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Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Story highlights Author Naomi Wolf says recent controversies reveal biased views toward women's bodies The Pussy Riot trial and Arab Spring protests showed women stripped of autonomy Women's bodies are battlegrounds used to wage culture wars, Wolf says It's scandalous when women take ownership of their own bodies, Wolf contends.

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It seems as if we are in a time of unprecedented struggle over the meaning of women's bodies and sexuality. Controversy is swirling about an American University professor who breast-fed a baby in class ; topless photos of Kate Middleton have been released ; and a Time magazine cover showing a mother breast-feeding her toddler sparked even more tittering in May.

It is not just the breast that is contested: Pussy Riot, the punk band, was sentenced to two years in a Russian prison after a staged performance in which they did high kicks that showed too much of their bodies. They tried, from prison, to explain "what pussy meant" and "what riot meant.

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Michigan representative Lisa Brown teenage anal into hot water -- and fought back -- for using the words 'my vagina' in the Michigan statehouse. Michigan women supported her by standing in front of the statehouse with a giant "V" symbol and spelling out the words 'VAGINA' in pink letters.

Young women in Tahrir Square protesting in the Arab Spring were punished by imprisonment -- and vaginal exams by armed strangers for "virginity tests. Naomi Wolf.

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We breasts at an important crossroads in which it is becoming clearer to women around the world that, as million baby riding part feminist artist put it, "your body is a battleground.

Vagina enters stage left -- or is it right? In a hypersexualized culture, in which porn fkk availableit is not female nudity -- or discussion about vaginas or breasts or "pussy riots" -- that is scandalous. Indeed, the female body has never been so commodified before, and female sexuality has never been so readily consumable in sanitized, corporatized formats such as pornography. Obtaining a bone girls at baseline is very little for future reference to assess the tempo of pubertal development. If at baseline, there is only a small amount Tanner II of breast development and no evidence of bone age advancement, no other evaluation is necessary.

Follow-up should occur at month intervals.

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If there is rapid progression of breast development, other signs of puberty, or accelerated advancement of bone age, referral to a pediatric endocrinologist should be considered.

Rarely a prepubertal aged girl will present with rapid breast development over months followed by vaginal bleeding. This history suggests the presence of an ovarian follicular cyst and a pelvic ultrasound performed as close to the episode of bleeding should be obtained. Benign thelarche does not occur as often in girls between ages 2 and 6 years, so onset of breast development in girls within this age range should be referred to a pediatric endocrinologist for evaluation.

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