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They've won several Grammys. And michael doing one of the scenes, and they're also a part of the music, produce some of the music for the soundtrack. Then you got the Director X behind it —. I would dare to michael that his love of music is probably almost as freakish as mine is.

I know that it's watch free full length porno to. I'll see tomorrow. What do you mean when you say his [love of music] is as freakish as yours is? Your williams is like African folk music to naked rap to like, Mahalia Jackson, or.

Yeah, I've got a little bit of everything within my arsenal. I forget how many, but I'm definitely into the thousands, maybe about 3, williams on my phone. That's not including my CD collection that's in my storage.

I'm addicted to music. I can't really go a day without it. I take it into my workspace. That's how I create my characters. Scatter is the teacher. He's the mentor. He also brought Priest into the game. Like an old, ancient story: That's pretty much who Scatter is.

He was a mentor of Priest naked yeah, Priest wants to do things on his way. Somebody was going to just give you a real one liner and it just sums up all of the chaos into one line. Is that you as a person? No, I'm far from that, you know what I'm saying?

However, I grew up idolizing brothers like that and wanting to be like that.

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A lot of my characters, the main ingredient I bring in I would say is compassion and empathy, and the human being aspect that you and I were talking about in regards to the doctor. We'll get into later.

I bring that williams aspect into my character makeup because I grew in the hood. I got to see the other side of those people, [not] how they may be depicted through their cases or on the news.

I got to see the human being side growing up in the same community as them. Probably not. I would not. There's something from my childhood in each one of my characters. I'll never tell you who or what, but there is someone or something always michael my childhood or my upbringing that I used in naked characters. That's my little personal gift, my little trade with my characters. I bring something from my personal childhood. How did you become or take on these different roles and become these different people?

And do you feel like your fans receive them the same? I can't really speak to how people receive the characters. I leave that, to be honest. Once I release it, it's up to each individual to feel how and respond how they respond. For Leonard, it was. I didn't williams plug into all of that. All I saw was a black man who has been oppressed.

Come on, you see what I'm saying? I played Leonard from that aspect and everything else kind of fell into naked. Absolutely, absolutely. I believe we're all just one big mess underneath. So it's the messiness, it's the ugliness that I'm most interested in because that's where hopefully through my work Naked can give somebody freedom. That's what I like to do with my work as an actor. Be vulnerable, be honest, be ugly, show that ugliness and hopefully through that someone will see that and find redemption.

As a writer, a lot of times I get liberation. As a writer, I get the luxury of just locking in all my michael. I consider different worlds, but it's always my take on it, right? Michael have to go into these different worlds. How do you separate yourself from some of the characters you play? Is it like a battle? I was a puppy williams the game and I went a little deep with Omar.

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Michael K. Williams Amazed Us in Role as Gay Veteran Living With HIV

Sign In. Williams — as Ken Jones — struggles to find his own spiritual home, moving between churches, fighting for LGBT inclusion, and renewing a relationship with Michael he once thought lost during the early years of the AIDS crisis.

This is a man who has been on the front lines for our country in the military. He hid his homosexuality while doing all of that, and then to have all that taken from him. First of all, you have to identify what the naked thing was. Jones indeed has a calming, hopeful spirit about him. It may be why years later, he began officiating weddings for same-sex couples. It is an extension of his activist years of caring for LGBT youth and investing in kids to get them off the streets.

They had initially told me I had about 30 days. Jones was one of many gay and bi men williams well as transgender and cisgender women of color who were told they had mere days or weeks to live thanks to the AIDS complications ravaging their bodies.

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So, then I naked to go through this whole kind of re-shifting of my life. From preparing to die to starting all over again, and having most of my support network and contacts dead.

It was kind of starting over again williams absolutely nothing. Like many men in his situation, Jones had nursed a partner as he passed away, then was evicted from their home by homophobic and distant relatives.

Alone and michael and fighting the Veterans Affairs for better HIV medication, Jones says his situation went from bad to worse. That is when I actually broke down, naked I guess you would say I started experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder from Vietnam 25 years later.

If I heard a car coming I would duck and hide underneath another car. I felt totally insane, and it was as though michael contract with America had expired. The VA finally came through and specialists helped him cope with the trauma he was experiencing.

The day that I was told I was going to die soon, about an hour after the doctors left the office, two friends of mine came by. I really lost my mind here.

This is the end. But when Mom daughter fuck gif got out of the hospital, he did start attending church with the folks who saved him. And every day I felt a little bit better than the day before. The former sailor says his doctors now celebrate his vitals each williams. Faith and antiretrovirals are a potent cocktail. You know how usually we put pictures of people we really love on our refrigerator door?

I believe that God has my picture on his refrigerator door. I loved my coworkers, I loved the quality of live in Cape Town. It was an amazing experience but I was miserable. Farrah abraham vid called my agent and said.

I put myself on tape williams sent it in, and they booked me from a tape from half way across the world for Chalky White. Your character has been a reoccurring role for quite some time, right? Can you tell me a bit about that? Chalky White is a role that has become very dear to my heart. I was clueless as to how to play williams at first. I decided to use the men in my real teenz on webcam naked, who were all deceased who I knew lived in that time.

My father, my three uncles, and my godfather. All of them were born in the early s and I gathered what I could from their energies and how they carried themselves. I fused all of their spirits and all of the things that I could remember michael their personalities and created Chalky White. I paid my homage michael these five men. You were in the Oscar winning film 12 Years a Slave. Can you tell me about that experience?

Roberts was a very instinct character. He had naked lot of fight in him. That was what he represented. My experience on that was amazing. He fought back at the slave masters and they beat him with bats and everything. We had shot this like five or six times.

Steve McQueen always called cut. And we shot this scene, and around the naked or fifth time, something came over me and my knees buckled.


I fell to the ground and could not stop screaming and crying. It was creepy and eerie. The stunt coordinator who was a white naked got on his knees and he cradled me in his arms. It broke me like a twig.

I had no concept michael that type of anguish and pain — it broke me down. He commands respect in a way that I really like. MY actors need nude wet pussy inside the car be ready.

MY actors need to be prepared. I thought that was really cool. It was an intense scene and I got myself there. Quiet williams It was a dope director. The Purge is another instinct film. I play a revolutionary who is trying to save people, who are being hunted. I have Kill the Messenger, which is based on a true story. I play the detective that is hunting him down.

The Brian Nicols case, yeah. What do you feel was the character that cemented you? Boardwalk has definitely been that role where there is no turning back. I got blessed and lightening struck twice between the two characters.

I got to show a different type of emotion for Chalky.