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McGee is not asking Borin out. Log in Sign up. I'm really looking forward to finding out new Abby Borin's rules. Abby Borin Borin ncis.

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Agent Abby Borin from the Coast Guard has the biggest bi aura ever, and Abby Sciuto is totally having a crush on her no i dont accept any criticism thank you. Am I the only one who is hoping that they bring Agent Borin on full time?? NCIS tony dinozzo leroy jethro gibbs abby borin. NCIS season Season of Returns D Want her back bring back cote. All this Cote leaving business is making me want to buy a Team Ziva shirt. Diane Neal's new hair. It would be so fun if awesome computer lady were innocent. Seems not, though.

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Amy Acker Anna Silk Babes. Getting all the ice cream back in the freezer. Gibbs realizing the connection: Anatoly Zukov?

Agent Sharp: Yeah, that's him Wait a minute, that's him. Gibbs head leaning down: No, he's long gone. You sure? Yes, I'm positive. Gibbs flash backs to the well-known Paris mission with Jenny, where Gibbs terminates Zukov.

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All right. I think I know what happened here. Oh, totally bucks says McGee's about to say something nobody understands again! The GPS coordinates came bundled in a proprietary packet. Since it was a beta, I thought-- Gibbs: I'm starting to think you can't help yourself, McGee. Agent Borin: Is this a record? No, we don't talk about the record. Ziva David: And plastic silverware is not as safe cubana en hot pants xxx you may think.

I naked killed abby man with a credit card. So how do you think he's going to break her down? What's ncis style? Naked, that doesn't feel right. I'm totally go with the classic, in your face Gibbs, The Intimidator. The worst mistake you made You tried to shoot our agents. Fornell gets up and takes off his jacket Gibbs: Hey, ncis me hang that up for you, Tobias Gibbs tosses Fornell's jacket over the security camera while Fornell rolls up his sleeves. What happened? We have been avoiding mentioning the Fugitive for days McGee: He figured it out for himself.

I'm pregnant, McGee. Haven't told the father yet. It's Gibbs. I know it's abby, but something about his silver hair gets me all tingly inside. Excuse me for a second, I think I'm going to vomit. I'm joking, Tony. Except for that part about Gibbs' hair.

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That is really hot. NCIS is going to figure this out. I've had those Navy cops running around all night. They're clueless. Federal agents!

Drop your weapon! Tibbins [starts to hit on Ziva]: Call me Tibbs. Tony [impersonates Sidney Poitier ]: They call you Mr. You're not Gibbs, Tony. You're right. Acting like Gibbs doesn't make me the boss, being senior agent does.

And if drinking coffee, staring, and whacking the backs of your heads helps me to lead this team