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Get the lads in. Ask them what they want. Then produce an edition.

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I'm ready to do it. I'd love to edit a magazine for teenage boys. If my daughter and her friends keep taking Mizz and Shout, surely there must come a time when they will demand better informed little lads to party with. The commercial logic may say it doesn't work, but isn't that just because boys are notoriously bad at explaining what they want.

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Right now they are falling behind in the personal skills stakes as fast as they are surrendering educational attainment to the female population. Eighteen-year-olds who buy detailed guidance on foreplay mingled with reviews of cars that they can't afford and pictures of women who would not sleep with them if the only alternative was a lingering clinch with a diseased slug, were once equally confused year-olds.

It is more than a decade since the market woke up joslyn james tits the possibility that men who read their girlfriend's glossies in the toilet might be prepared to shell out for something specifically tailored to their own needs.

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Content analysis of contemporary teen magazines for adolescent females. Youth and Society, 23 Frazer, W. Teenage girls reading Jackie. Media, Culture and Society, 9 Kehily, M. More Sugar?

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Teenage magazines and sexual learning. Lakoff, R. Language and woman's place. Language in Society, 2 Maynard, M.

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Interpretation and identification of gendered selves: Analyzing gender-specific addressivity in Japanese advertising text.

While some teenage boys like to delve into novels and literature, others prefer the reading material often presented in magazines. Magazines require less free time to read and drugged naked women be perused in any order. They are also less expensive to purchase than books and can be found in most public libraries.

Popular magazines for teen males vary depending on the interests of the individual, though some publications seem to resonate more. In the UK, sales in the teen magazine sector peaked in Teenagers had many more attractions competing for their cash and their attention, such as media delivered on the web and through mobile phones.

Also, the booming celebrity weeklies attracted more teens from ever-younger ages driven by celebrity TV series. This was the second attempt in the UK to establish a new online business model, the first nude Monkey from Denniswhich aims to sell to men aged 18 to In both cases, readers sign up to be sent the 'eMag' by email. Each issue features interactive elements and 'pages' that can be 'turned'. However, National Magazines closed Cosmo Girl!

The experience of reading teen magazines can result in heavy psychological impacts on their readers. Magazine covers and content of the latest teen magazines promise adolescent girls dates, beauty, and success [8] As teen magazines are full of images of society's definition of physical perfection, compared to the rich superstar singer, and the skinniest model shown and praised in the magazine, the reader is left with a negative self-image and a heavy desire to aspire to be just like the women they read about. Teen magazines overtly suggest through content and pictures, boys women should look, dress, and act; they more subtly suggest, through exclusion of pictures and young what women should not do, be, teen think.

Self-development is influenced by an individual's alignment with a social group. So does reading magazines like this put pressure on girls to have sex, by portraying it as the norm?

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Some adults reckon it does, citing what they call the "herding instinct" among teenagers - the desire to do what it seems like everyone else is doing. These fears are probably exaggerated. Magazines and other parts of popular culture are pretty saturated with sex, with the idea that everyone's doing it; on the other hand, how do these pressures compare with other ones, such as fear of pregnancy, fear of health boys and fear of parents' reaction?

Magazine nude lying down game also have young concerns about sex which might inhibit them; others refrain from teen because of the lack of opportunity. Moreover, most girls have a pretty good idea from talking with their friends about nude really "normal" behaviour for their "herd". That doesn't stop periodic outbreaks of moral panic. Inwhen the problem page of TV Hits gave a year-old girl explicit advice on how to enjoy oral sex, the magazine was banned from the shelves of the major British chains - W H Smith, Sainsburys, Asda, Safeway and Tesco.

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When, a few months later, Britain's Health Education Authority was involved in a campaign to promote responsible attitudes to sex among teenagers, and placed ads in Sugar to reach its target audience, the newspapers screamed: Still, if we're sceptical about how much these magazines can affect teenagers' behaviour, what about attitudes? All those sex stories may be an opportunity to indulge your imagination rather than brush-up for a date, but do they, and all other stories about boys, promote another sort of conformity?

From one cover to the other, many of these magazines promote the idea that you are what you look like - and that, let's face it, you could look better. It's no coincidence that most of the ads are for make-up and hair products. I was a teenager not long ago and I remember features like these being the ultimate sex education tool for girls at my school.

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Forget awkward video showings with Miss and scare tactics about syphilis — our curiosity was whetted in the pages of Bliss, Sugar, Just Seventeen - and 19 if we could get it.

Regrettably, bagging a lad or being skinny became the zenith of our ambitions. As an education it was inadequate at best and dangerous at worst.

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And she would have been right.