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The urethra can be stretched to the point larger items can be inserted, including fingers. There are some men that have begun to stretch their urethra large enough to accept another cock into their cock.

These men have found extreme pleasure in insertions. My Account Username: For a better experience on Adultism, enable JavaScript in your browser. Weird Insertations and Objects. Bottle fun.

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Phone home. Fucking my wet pussy with a carrot. Playing with a carrot. Hairbrush fun this morning.

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Milf J Banana split. The doctor's note reads that the " patient put paperclip through urethra and punctured through shaft of penis," according to DailyMail. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sitting here dying to know just two things.

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First of all, how in the world did someone wind up with a "piece of domino" in their wiener? Second, what, exactly, was this "sharp toy," and was it made for children or adults? But, I guess some questions will just have to go unanswered. By Candice Jalili.

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He's been arrested a third time for having sex with a pool raft. This time he was standing naked on a local highway having sex with a pink raft. At this point, this story is a toss-up between incredibly depressing and the inspiring tale of a man realizing his dreams, no matter how weird they are. A Land Rover. While grabbing a gyro after a night out with the guys, a drunk man decided to hump Land Rover.

Fortunately, this produced no half-human, half-SUV children. A couch. Getty Images. A bike.

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Last year a man in Kansas, US, was tasered by police when he refused to stop having sex with a car exhaust. Ryan Malek, 24, pleaded guilty to "lewd and lascivious behaviour" in the car park of an apartment building.

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But not for Ohio man Edwin Charles Tobergta, who was jailed in for having sex with a lilo - in broad daylight. To make matters worse, it wasn't the first or even second time he'd been arrested for his bizarre blow-up fetish. In he was nicked for bonking a pink swimming pool raft, and way back in he romped with an inflatable PUMPKIN from his neighbour's Halloween display. The stunned site security guard was supposed to be locking the site when he discovered the man with his pipe stuck in the, er, pipe.

Shocked and appalled by the man's actions the guard demanded the man 'clean himself and the hoover'.