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We were watching our favorite dirty late night show on HBO, when the clock striked We both knew what happened to our bodies and minds when the clock strikes midnight.

It was only a matter of time before our inner selves came out.

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Olivia has been kidnapped and tortured by Bastino a small town criminal because her mother stole his money and disappeared. What she doesnt know is that the same person protecting her could be the one behind all her pain.

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Will she find her knight or will he kill her first? All you're wonderful lusting fantasies written here for you're own reading pleasure. Books Free eBooks - Erotic Here you can find free books in the category: Beliebte Kategorien: Rachel G Ultimate Pleasure Erotic English Words Ages 16 and up A girl who hits the clubs every other day and sleeps with 1 diffrent guy every other day until she finds the perfect guy.

Add to Danica patrick toppless photo. I myself took the book out from the library and read it during college orientation. Still, E.

Yet, with Fifty Shades of Grey, that's exactly what happened.

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The book encouraged people to be swept away into an erotic world that was partly composed by their own imagination. But James' trilogy is far from the only erotic literature worth reading.

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After turning a page, I can almost sense their internal screams of, No, I wasn't done yet! These books are often best enjoyed when you're alone or with a partner, because reading erotica together can make for some great foreplay. Admittedly, it can be hard to find actually good reads with a solid plot, colorful characters and sexcerpts guaranteed to turn you on — but I've got you covered.

Here are 11 books too hot for the public eye but perfect for you to enjoy on your own:. Unravel Me is a dystopian masterpiece that reads like erotic slam poetry.

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The main character, Juliette, has a fatal touch that could kill anyone who comes close to her. Warner is handsome and cold, and he becomes obsessed with Juliette.

A perfect recipe for dangerous love.

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Click here to buy. Ambitious journalist Susan Street is determined books become a newspaper editor even if it means flying around the world to have sex with whomever her newspaper magnate boss wants her to. Not so much a glass ceiling as a er, glass dildo. The first book in the naughty successful Beautiful series, this is a hot-around-the-collar office romance full of unbridled boardroom romps between an ambitious young intern and her perfectionist boss. Oh no. Anais Nin writes the highs of erotic pleasure cute sneha fucking hard the depths of desire like nobody else.

This collection of stories are sensual rather than sexyerotic rather than smutty, literary rather than lowbrow and can be displayed on your bookshelves with pride. The original bawdy romp. The cautionary tale of how country adult Fanny adult to London and descends read a life read vice and debauchery. In truth, poor Fanny has so much sex that it all becomes rather monotonous. I was shocked but not disappointed. When Judith Rashleigh is sacked from her lowly position books an art gallery she uses her formidable intellect, her body and her murderous rage to exact revenge.

My Secret Gardenand naughty follow up, Forbidden Flowersgot passed around when I was a student and actually taught me a lot more than my Studies In Feminism module.