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While I totally support your write-up, the leadership politicians is the number 1 problem of this country. They have killed the sense of belonging and patriotism of Pic and left everyone to hustle on their own while they embezzle people's rights.

People are trooping out of Nigeria on a daily basis to despicable places like Libya just because they don't see a future here. Bussy Lagos we are all hyping is full of ghettos and hoodlums on the road and corners, the Police is for the rich and the Government rarely takes responsibility for their ineptitude.

We just have to keep praying for Nigeria. The country is real big to be governed by africanteenage politicians.

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This is really sad, anytime I think of this it makes me weep,how we have drowned the name of beloved nation unto the mud for selfish and egoistic gains, it is sad and pitiable. Really sad. Someone raised an important issue and this is all you have to say?? U should Ba ashamed of yourself. U should Ba ashamed of yourself oh i should feke. I guess the weather there is hot. We do not care really.