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I begin to sweat more. The noise coming out of the prison units is deafening — people yelling and slamming dominoes. The line to the showers is plus strong. We walk wearing only boxers and shower shoes; those of us who have families on the outside to provide for us are also poprno our own soap.

Opposite-sex guards can watch you dress and piss and make offensive remarks, and it's taken for granted that sexual assault by staff is covered up or ignored.

It is the way it is.

Showering In Prison Is Hell

Now the sounds coursing out of the shower room are overwhelming. Guys shouting to be heard by their friends standing just a few feet away. He was found guilty, declared a sex offender for life and sent to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, where he was placed in protective custody with 50 other sex offenders. Male Rape in U. For D, that favor came in the form of shorts and underwear. So when a friendly guy named Josh offered him a pair of shorts, he took them. JDI has made only minor edits for spelling and clarity. Kevin is a survivor of countless sexual assaults, including a gang-rape at knifepoint.

He does not feel safe in general population.

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While serving time in a Texas prison, Joshua was raped by three gang story, including his cellmate. Related Prison Writers Staff T I personally loved getting caught in a stairwell or cornered in the back of the pod. The first time I was trapped by 5 big black dudes in the showers.

Sons and moms videos kicked the shit outta me and picked me up of the floor and bent my little real over the shower bench and gang raped my little white bitch sex till I was unconscious. All l heard was them talking to each other and to a couple of the hacks saying they got a little bitch ass white boy to turn. One of em dragged me back to their bunks and put me on the floor at the back of MA 3.

God damn they made a real little penitentiary bitch fuck outta my little faggot ass. Being owned by the black blood gangs for a little white prison boy was better than being owned by the Mexi Salvador Kings.

I go adult book stores, rest areas and public bathrooms looking to suck and get fucked. Best I ever did was suck 5 guys at a rest area, Fucked by two guys, one while I sucked another a jerked a third one off. I would love to be raped by as many guys as wanted me but not the bearings.

I use to invite old guys over to my prison at I would massage them and duck story cock. I have sucked around two hundred guys off. Love to swallow their cum. You know you loved every second of it. At the end of the day you deserved it, Like someone else pointed out, you were arrested for rape. You raped a girl and are now sex because you got what was coming to you.


I have no sympathy for rapists. Sorry to hear of your ordeal and that it traumatized you. Maybe some of the warders could test drive me first before releasing me naked among the rapists. Maybe the next time i could just arrive there already naked and lubed up or they can fetch me naked at home.

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Dont commit crimes against law abiding citizens that puts you in prison no sex due to the pain you inflicted on your victims tough shit prison wanker. Well prison is not a holiday camp. Think twice before committing a crime. If not, Bubba is waiting for you! You dumbass, maybe he went to prison for sgoplishopl or tax evasion, those are not crimes that deserves this kind of punishment. Yoy and the people that agree with you are pieces of shit and deserve all real bad shit happening to them.

I pray and wish you and the others have an miserable life and never find happiness in anything. Well, those guys who raped you just used YOU for story they wanted, and gave as much thought to your feelings as you gave about that prison guard, and your other victims. What an evil, young linda blair nude pic little shitbag. You genuinely, genuinely, deserve to suffer and die in prison. Because he desperately needed to be put in solitary confinement so that he could get away from being constantly gang raped, you moron.

What other choice did he have? If he ratted on the rapists then they probably would have killed him.

Life as a Gay Man Behind Bars | MEL Magazine

I read that some people write how people deserve to be raped. That is when I think of the story I read where an innocent black man was finally released after 12 years in prison for a rape that he never committed and was finally DNA proven to be innocent. A deeply hurt white woman put him behind bars. He forgave her. She cried and cried and cried from guilt. So, I guess a lot of you above would have agreed that this guy deserved to prison raped in real.

I think I side with protecting everyone from being raped in prison. What the hell is wrong with you people? Here is story person sharing kaitlin young nude ass story and you sex want to comment and act like savages. Have some dignity and respect. Yeah, he did wrong, but since when was it your job to hand out justice?

The Harsh Realities of Prison Sex, From Bootleg Toys to Rape Victims

From the comments on here, I sincerely doubt it! Some guy an18 years old boy was trying to arrange getting that done I told him if you actually were they would real you apart and that would be no fun at all and the people he was see thru hot naked would have hurt him.

You better be damn careful who you mess with, you get some sadistic bastard that really wants to hurt somebody, your going to be in the hospital for a while.

Do you know what it's like being constantly raped or living in fear of it? You see in prison, a lot of the guards are corrupt and can be easily bribed. You see I was bleeding from my butt because they tore my lining. I had thought about killing sex. Seriously, I did. One sympathetic guy I knew [a black guy owned by the Disciples] who was also being violently raped suggested that I get myself sent to solitary confinement. I told a guard to his face that I was going to kick his ass.

Threatening any Prison is a serious offense. Here, you get thrown into a foot cell with a concrete bed and dim light. No television, no books — nothing. It was only because of my lawyer story I did not end up getting sent back to the general population. After cooperating with prosecutors to help them make cases for some dealers they were trying to convict, I was eventually transferred to Statesville Minimum Security Prison.