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I will give you three choices. Is she a celebrity chef, an international banker, or the most insanely hot fitness model that you have ever seen? If you guessed that she is an insanely hot fitness model, then you won the prize, which is to look at her picture here- hey, I guess we all won. Anna does a lot of CrossFit, and one can tell by the way she looks.

Sweden: The land of the hottest women on the planet (photos) |

To top off how in shape she is, she also is quite beautiful, which is why she is on this, or any other list of hot women. How could you possibly have a list of this nature without having Nina Agdal on it?

Well, you can't, which is why she is on the list. Do I really have to spell this out for you?

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Nina is an absolute knockout, if you are wondering where you know her from, you have scandinavian spent hours ogling her when she was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Scandinavian.

She is from Denmark and is just years old so I would imagine you will be seeing much more of her in the future. Unless Nina decides to quit women and live in a cave, then we imagine that the camera will be finding her pretty much wherever she might choose to go, she hot is that hot. She also is well known for appearing in a Carl's Jr ad, and has modeled for places as women as Billabong, and Victoria's Secret. Hot has a bit of a unique look. While many of you might prefer the typical gorgeous chick in the bikini, there are a lot of guys, myself included, that always get drawn in by the woman that has a bit of an artistic flair, especially if they are as gorgeous as Siri is.

Anal slave teen Nina is a Sports Illustrated model, Siri is way more high fashion and runway; she was discovered when she way young by a fashion scout when she was shopping in a local mall. Why don't these thing ever happen to me? I was never discovered by pics. Siri is Norwegian, and I would say she puts most other women from pics country to shame, except it seems like they all pretty much look this way, or at least I can pretend that's true- it never hurts to dream.

Top Beautiful Norwegian women. Photo gallery

Alexandra Bring is kind of hot. Don't you think? Sorry, I got a little distracted there. Alexandra is all about being fit and telling others pics to do so pics well. She seems to be pretty good at it by the looks of her. She is very active on social media where she says " I bring it. She obviously has a sense of humor too. All kidding aside she really does look fantastic. When you think of it though, what list of hot mature nude fantasy art would she not qualify for?

Pretty much everything you can think of, Alexandra has got it covered. One of the ways that she keeps fit is running, and by the looks of her, it seems to help her look pretty amazing. Silje Norendal is a very hot and quite talented Norwegian snowboarder. She has won the Winter X Games twice and came close to winning a medal in Sochi.

If there is one thing that is even hotter hot a gorgeous chick from Norway, it is a gorgeous chick from Norway that snowboards. She is just years old so it appears that she will be around for a while.

Her X Games profile says "Silje came up through the competitive ranks of Norwegian snowboarding, attending the NTG snowboard school as women teenager and eventually joining the strong Norwegian national team. Her riding is stylish and she has serious jump skills -- she stomps her landings and lays down solid frontside rodeo s.

She also is a fitness fanatic with stunning looks; the year old is a Nike covergirl and has been featured in the Norwegian editions of Cosmo and Elle magazines. As I wrote previously in this article, some people don't consider Finland part of Scandinavia. Well, I for one am saying that is simply not true. If we don't include Finland then Sara Sieppi can't be a part of the list, and that is more than reason enough for me.

Sarah is a model, a TV personality, a make hot artist, and scandinavian Miss Finland in the year Now I am not one to normally go crazy over eyes, but I have to say, Sara has some of the most gorgeous eyes that I have ever seen, and obviously the rest of her is pretty amazing as well.

Because women you Sara, we have decided to let Finland be part of Scandinavia. Not that this will be any sort of surprise after seeing the women so far on this list, but Masha is just totally scandinavian. You may wonder who she is, but she has been known as the most searched Danish name on Google, and that has to count for something.

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It's simple, easy and healthy, perfect for the whole family! Enclose your patties in pics buns for a more hearty meal You will love it! Recent Hot. Refugee scandinavian rise, as Greek islands come under immense pressure Sep, 17 Greek President Pavlopoulos: British Museum acting like a common embezzler Sep, 13 Archaeologists may have found Biblical town linked to Ark of the Covenant Sep, 12 Greek feta cheese becomes riddle pics EU-Australia trade deal Sep, 18 How Turkish TV is women over the world!

Sep, 13 See also: The most beautiful Sweden women. She debuted in the World Cup in February Sonja Henie April 8, — October 12, - Norwegian figure skater and film star. The most beautifull figure skaters. Marion Raven 25 May - Norwegian singer-songwriter, and former child actress. Marthe Flatmo born - Norwegian model. Marthe was 16 years old when she became number one in the Norwegian competition Arets Ansikt Face of the Year.

Sigrid Gurie May 18, — August 14, - Norwegian American motion picture actress from the scandinavian s to early s. Kristanna Loken October 8, - American model and actress. She is of Norwegian and German ancestry. The most beautiful Hollywood actresses. She women a three-time Lilhottiexxx medallist - one of the strongest among Norwegian women.

She competes in halfpipe, slopestyle and boardercross. hot

Sweden: The land of the hottest women on the planet (photos)

The most beautiful athletes Sochi Winter Olympics. Lene Nystrom 2 Octoberbetter known by her stage name Lene, is a Norwegian singer songwriter. Gabriella Holsten April 5, - Norwegian model. Heidi Johnsen Tromsoe, Norway is a Norwegian model.

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Began her career at the agency Team Models in Oslo. Then she worked in Italy, France and Spain. The most beautiful among Norwegian women to my opinion. If you have any questions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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