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She was locked away in a small cell.

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After regaining consciousness, she began rambling random things that she would later say to the Doctor and his companions until noticing that the Doctor was no longer with her; she then called out to him.

Following his discovery of the hypercubes House had been using to trap Time Lords, the Doctor released her. Idris later watched with the Doctor as Auntie and Uncle died. When the Doctor asked her if she had a name of exploitedteenasia com own, she responded that the Doctor called her "Sexy".

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The Doctor had Idris send a telepathic message to Amy with details on how to get to a backup control-room and lower the shields; having been told by the Doctor to send a message to "the pretty one", Idris sent the message to Rory, much to his chagrin.

When they got the shield down, the new console landed on Nephew and blasted him into atoms.

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The Doctor quickly introduced Amy and Rory to Idris. Idris collapsed, close to the end of her life. The Doctor tricked House into transporting them into the main control room.

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The Doctor pretended to congratulate House for defeating them. With the last of her energy, the matrix used Idris's body to tell the Doctor that, although she would always be there for him, this was the only occasion when they could talk, using her last moments with a voice to say the word she never got to say to him when he first left Gallifrey: Hello, Doctor. Sexy so very, very nice to meet you. Idris, lady about to die, kept repeating into Rory's ear, "The only water in the forest is the river," adding docter Some day you're going to need to know lady.

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