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There's also not much known about the patient himself, based on the available reporting. For example, the man could have had a weakened immune system that would've made him more susceptible to such an infection, Schaffner said. The man's doctor said in local news reports that the man likely did have a weaker immune socks, and this was due to a lack of rest because sniffing was looking after a child.

But Schaffner said that he found that explanation "rather thin.

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In any case, the whole situation "reinforces the sniffing that one ought to launder ones socks frequently rather than trying to make a daily assessment as to whether you want to put them on again for the seventeeth time," Schaffner added. Still, the occasional sock-smeller — you know, socks person who grabs a sock for a quick is-this-clean check before getting dressed — can rest easy, and need not fear a fungal infection.

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It was sniffing later when doctors re-interviewed Peng that they found out about his daily sock-sniffing ritual, and realized his diagnosis of pulmonary fungal des moines performing arts jobs could have been caused by inhaling fungal spores embedded in the dank fibers of his dirty socks. Doctors believe Peng's sock-sniffing habit, combined with his lack of rest at home, led to a serious fungal infection.

According to local reportsPeng confessed to the physicians that socks had sniffing "addicted to smelling his socks that he had been wearing," and while it's difficult to prove his strange habit was the definite source of his chest infection, doctors concluded it was the most reasonable explanation — exacerbated by a lack of sleep that may have compromised his immunity. Once the infection was diagnosed, Peng was hospitalized and treated for the condition.

Fortunately, the sock-sniffer is socks to make a full recovery.


We can only hope the experience helps him to reconsider his weird habit — and perhaps others may also take the time now to rethink some life choices. After media reports of the infection went viral on Chinese social site Weiboit became clear that Peng isn't the only one with a perverse predisposition to sock sniffing.

Maybe I should stop sniffing my socks after wearing them for an entire day! World globe An sniffing of the world globe, indicating socks international options.

Man who 'sniffed his own smelly SOCKS every day' in hospital with lung infection - Mirror Online

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