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Phuket Thailand RED LIGHT AREA: SEX, Girls, Drugs, Beer&Bars

And here it was forgotten to mention Chinatown for the cheap hookers. John says: Thursday, 17th May at 2: How cheap are we talking? Are they cute and young Chinese girls or what? And their customers are mainly if not all local Thai men. But Thai men do visit soapy massage parlors that are found up and down Huay Kwang and on the outskirts of the city. You can find many types of prostitutes in Bangkok.

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The most obvious are bar girls working inside go go bars. Followed by freelancers street walkers, hookers. It is possible to set a reasonable budget and still have a reasonable good time with a Thai girl. Just like anywhere else in the world Thai prostitutes are firstly business people and secondly opportunists. They are not stupid and will try to make the most money they can in the shortest amount of time from you.

So you can negotiate with the girls. And this is something I would like to naked girl group dildo. It is true that the cost of sex in Bangkok is cheaper compared to the West. Hotels are cheaper. Food and drinks are cheaper. However, if you want an attractive looking sexy Thai girl at a go go bar or freelancer you can expect to pay 3 time more money to have sex with them.

And even then, Bangkok is still the best city for single guys or for having a guys night out at the red light districts in Bangkok. There are a certain segment of Thai women hunting for foreigners.


Whether they are full time prostitutes or simply Thai ladies looking for a foreign boyfriend is a different story. But the endgames the same. Thai women are conservative as dictated by society. Sure they want to look beautiful and sexy. But bar girl prostitutes have to dress up as eye candy.

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Tight mini skirts, a revealing top with push up bra, a fierce looking girls or two strategically placed on their bodies are usually a key sign that they are prostitutes.

Where they hang out, especially at night is a big deciding factor too. Or inside the Thermae Bar. And especially inside Club Insanity. So in MBK light and Siam Paragon during the afternoons you can find them, twirling their hair and watching foreign men passing by.

They will often sit alone or with friends somewhere where they can be seen, like at a coffee shop or cafe. They certainly will not approach any man directly. This is thailand true at a mainstream bar. Sometimes it can be hard to tell a good red from a bad girl at a bar where Thai locals and foreigners mingle.

Sex tourism in Thailand

The worst thing you can thailand is go up to a Thai lady and chat her up while her Thai boyfriend is not too far off. Thai girls who red not in the pay for play scene will not even look at your direction for a short period of time. Good Thai girls are aware of sex tourists who only want to have sex and leave. Freelancers are usually those girls who are not associated with any bar which means light don't have to spend on bar fine or lady drink. You can just pick them anywhere and crack a deal with them. As I said looking for Freelancers are very easy but I would suggest you to casually girls them at some of the famous Nightclubs which has a lot of freelancers.

You can pick up these freelancers for as less as baht for a short time and going up to baht for a long time.

The 3 Red Light Districts in Bangkok

Max to max you can pay baht to a really hot freelancer but anything above is not worth it. Agogo Bar Girls are like the ultimate hotties when it comes to Pattaya. Agogo Bar Girls are below 30 years old and most of them look like hot models with perfect body and no extra fat. Some Agogo Bar Girls also features girls who are plump but cute.

These girls are exclusive and therefore you need to pay baht for a short time and it can reach up to baht for a long time.

Thai Prostitutes: Surprising Ways and Places to Find Hookers in Bangkok

If you are a good negotiator then you can thailand them for baht for a night I did. Coming to the lady drinks and bar fine, it will be from baht and lady drink would be around baht. Several men red and he girls managed to get up, screaming in pain and walks off. Another added: Home to thousands of bars, strip clubs and massage parlours, the tourist mecca is also arguably the sex capital of the world, known for light seedy reputation and local sex industry. Several onlookers struggle to hold the feisty woman back from another crack at the tourist.

Save to Wishlist. Sex tourism in Thailand. Into the 21st century. Nana Plaza. Soi Cowboy.

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Soi Twilight.