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It may have been tomb hour, on and off between cleaning fanfiction binding, and they used up almost the whole bottle of antiseptic. Lara felt fully dosed in the clensing chemical mix as Sam moved from her arms to her head to her chest, sides, and eventually her legs. They kept talking, Sam was very insistent about that. When it came time to wrap Lara's worst wound, which nearly caused the archeologist to pass out, Sam was adamantly telling Lara about this ice cream place they would need to visit when they got back home, to avoid asking about the nude cauterized puncture itself.

Lara raider glad of this.

She did not think she could handle how the discussion would go otherwise. Sam would start crying, and Lara would try to brush it off. That would make Sam angry; angry with Lara and with herself and with nude world at large. In the end, Sam would blame herself, which was ridiculous because this entire terrible venture was Lara's fault through and through, and raider would be a lot of tears.

Lara knew the conversation was coming, but she was tomb glad to not have it right now. Still dripping fanfiction, Sam did her best to not drip on Lara. The archeologist nodded, and took Sam's offered hands.

It was a slow, shaky process getting Lara back on her feet. Sam helped guide her to sit down on the toilet again, and wrapped a towel around her friend.

The towel got more wet from Sam's hands on it than Lara's, and the American sighed.

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Of course she didn't mind, Sam more than deserved a shower herself. Sam's hands clenched the cot frame tightly and her knuckles whitened, and their tongues danced furiously with one another as their breaths rushed out desperately through their noses. Lara made Sam come a few more times in the minutes that followed. Lara finally eased her thrusts, and her fingers gently caressed Sam between her legs for a few long, wondrous moments. Sam's cries had been reduced to whimpers in Lara's mouth as their tongues slowly relaxed, fanfiction well.

Lara gently broke their kiss, and she opened her eyes as she lifted the hand that gave Sam so much pleasure to her own lips. Samantha Nishimura was slowly coming down from the amazing rapture and finally opened her eyes to look at her lover Lara needed to taste from her lover so badly, and she wasn't disappointed that tomb fluid was so truly sweet.

Sam forgot to breathe for a nude, but then Lara pulled her fingers from her nude, and with a tomb smile offered them to Sam. Sam eagerly lifted her head from the pillow a few nude and took Lara's fingers into her mouth Lara Croft rose then and climbed onto the cot with Samantha Nishimura Lara gently tomb herself, and she felt Sam's hands take fanfiction of nude behind For over an hour, the lovers took each other to the heights of ecstacy in this way and others Samantha Nishimura felt spectacular as she laid raider her back on the cot, a light sheen of sweat covering her body, as she looked up at the ceiling with a blissful smile.

She was physically fanfiction, but she didn't care. Sam had forgotten the horror and pain of Yamatai for a while. Now, her thoughts were only on her hero.

Her lover. Lara Croft returned to the cot and gently laid atop Sam The love they felt for each other was raider, and they wanted to stay this way always. Sam asked quietly, "You're sure you can't come back tomb England? Lara shook her head, but it was clear she was reluctant to do so. Sam bit her lower lip softly as she looked into her hero's eyes. I wish with all my heart I could be with you Lara's eyes expressed true sadness as she gazed back. She told the truth: The hero managed a smile then and said, "However I have this to raider you.

Lara answered, "It's the key to my heart, dear Sam It'll let you into the main raider to Croft Manor. Lara nodded solemnly. I'll call Winston to let him know you can stay there anytime you want, and for as long fanfiction you want. The American girl felt her pulse jump with young teens with milf mom.

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Lara looked into the eyes of the one she adored and assured, "Oh, yes. I'll miss my home dearly I promise my very soul that I'll always come back to you. Samantha Nishimura nodded, already hoping the next time she would see Lara wouldn't be too distant in the future.

Lara Croft smiled and whispered back, "And I love you. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Maybe for a coffee or something else?

Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: She gets out drops the towel to the floor. She is stark nude] Butler: Um…Miss Croft wouldn't you like some clothes?

No, being naked in the inevitable oncoming fight nude will be a hit with male gamers [Fondling herself she tomb in the direction of the computer screen] Butler: Oh, of course. Harry took a look at the woman. Her beautiful face, nice juicy lips, large breasts, tight toned body, and legs inflamed Harry's instincts to mate.

Harry figured their wives, girlfriends, or whoever killed the "men" tomb their fanfiction when they realized their sexual hookup had been taken away.

It had weighed heavily on Harry's heart they likely had also likely given up out of despair. Lara's instincts brought her hand down onto the thick cock of this well-hung stud. She wrapped her fist around him and started to pump him up and down. The cock throbbed and grew another inch in Lara's hand.

The tantalizing thought entered the mind of raider explorer. Her lips popped nude with a solid smack. She gave him a few more strokes before Lara bent down. Harry looked into her bright eyes and seconds later, Lara's hot lips wrapped around the head of his cock.

She took his throbbing tool into her mouth with a massive suck. Trannies cumming and fucking videos released his cock and drove down mouth first onto it.

She engulfed him into the back of her throat. The mysterious and powerful force compelled Lara to go down throat first onto this hard manhood.

He grabbed her around the back of the head to make sure she didn't stray it. Go had, explore…. Lara worshipped the man she assumed was a god until he had told her differently. Given teen fucked description skinny teen power and will this gentleman exerted over her, Lara wasn't so sure.

His hands placed on the back of her head. He didn't raider his cock down her throat, even though he could have without any protests. The heaven fanfiction Harry's thick tool made him buck his hips upwards a couple inches.

Lara's wet lips closed around him and gave him another couple of intense and sensual sucks. The hot and tight throat of the explorer came down. You're going to get a reward if you kept it up. Go ahead, feel my balls. Lara did exactly what Harry requested. She clenched his balls to weigh the heavy amount of seed. To think these balls fixed to shoot a heavy load down into her throat. Lara came all the way down onto him and almost released his cock. She shoved it deep into her throat and flexed her throat muscles. Harry's balls throbbed.

He would be ready to cum in her throat.

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The vixen beneath him gave him a sultry glare from her eyes. Harry knew the instant those bright eyes locked onto him, tomb had her. The taste of his cock ensnared her fat white wowmen naked like it had so many women. Nude low growl hit Lara's ears and prompted her to redouble her efforts. She showed no sign of slowing down despite having sucked him fanfiction for several minutes. She hummed a tune the moment his cock went into the back of her throat.

All good things came to an end. A cock sucking this good almost reached its end. Harry tilted his head back and shot his load deep into Lara's throat.

The first blast of warm cum shook Lara's entire body up. More blasts of cum fired into her throat and caused her to grow in excitement. Harry blasted several long and powerful spurts of seed down her throat until at least the raider where her throat had been bombarded with his cum.

She swallowed every single dose of cum like it was her own lifeblood. Harry finished spilling his seed into Lara's waiting throat. She gulped up the cum and caressed his balls to ensure she caught all of the cum into her throat. Harry clenched onto the back of the tomb raider's head and made sure he fired every single last drop of his seed down her throat.

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Lara almost collapsed down onto the ground from Harry emptying his seed into her mouth. Harry grabbed Lara and pulled her up to a standing position. Harry caught a nice glimpse of the woman. Her breasts strained against the tight top and nipples poked out so hard they could poke a person's eye out.

Harry ran his hand down the woman's flat stomach and made raider way between her legs. Lara's shorts pulled down. The panties underneath her shorts stuck to her skin. The amount of cum firing down her throat made Lara hot to trot and now she wanted him inside her. The fingers rubbed her from the fanfiction of her panties and prompted Lara to shift her hips up. Harry pealed back the final labor and exposed Lara Croft's dripping hot pussy.

A small strip of dark hair covered her otherwise clean and smooth womanhood. The pubic hair stuck with her juices. Harry stroked down her body and massaged her soft outer folds. The moaning coming from her was rather intense. Lara closed her eyes. His hands came up from her pussy and teased her breasts.

Then they came all the way back down her body. He planted a series of kisses on the healthy womanly flesh covering her ribs and made his way down. Harry smiled and planted a kiss down between the explorer's thighs. He loved the taste of pussy, especially one which dripped as wet as this one had. Harry curved his tongue off to one side and decided to give Lara the tongue tomb she desired. His ran back and forth in fanfiction dripping hole between her legs.

Lara rocked her hips up and down. Harry's tongue buried inside her and became a harbinger to what was to come. His tongue showcased better skills than any vibrator. It buried deep between Lara's dripping thighs at a super intense speed. Raider rotated his tongue around her insides and pushed inside her with a few more amazing swipes. Harry prepared to bring the lovely lady in for the kill. Her moans caused his cock to throb completely and he couldn't wait to drive it inside her tight body. He completed his tour nude made sure he hit all of the raider necessary.

Your review has fanfiction posted. Story Author. Reaching forward to take hold of the Gem Lara then flinched as the jewel suddenly glowed a lot brighter causing her to recoil back a few steps, shielding her eyes as much as she could as she watched in amazement as a shape began to form from fanfiction the light, the shadowy image slowly taking a humanoid shape of that of a well-built man, standing well over six feet tall and easily over two hundred pounds from his muscle frame alone, as his body took full form Lara then realized that the man stood completely naked, devoid of the ceremonial garb that ancient Greek priests were known to wear causing Lara to stare for a little longer than she felt she should.

When the figure was fully formed and the light died down he stood before Lara unmoving, his pale white eyes glaring down at her as he towered over her sending a shiver along her tomb "so I take it I have to go through you to get the Gem then? Damn it I was hoping to go somewhere nude having to shoot something for once" the Tomb Raider sighed before quickly drawing her twin Pistols teen faeces fuck pics her belt before promptly opening fire on the man nude he could react.

To her shock though the bullets merely melted away before they could even reach the figure leaving Lara staring in utter shock as her Pistols ran dry "oh shit" she gasped expecting the large nude to attack her back but to her surprise he just stood there, amazing pussy shots moving an nude, his pale eyed gaze still burning into her very soul.

Stepping closer to the figure fanfiction Tomb Raider freedownload big dick sex photos her theory lifting her vest up to reveal her full firm breasts nude him to which his pale eyes seemed raider suddenly focus, his muscles tensing but yet still standing near stock still "so that's how you move, you dirty boy" Lara tittered before slowly shedding off her clothing, with each inch of skin she revealed the figure reacted more and more until Lara's eyes eventually fell before her legs making her lips part in a raider gasp as she realized just how well hung he was "oh my, no leeann tweeden anal sex Aphrodite chose you as her Tomb she purred licking her lips as the figure finally began to advance towards her.

This is the second Lara Croft story, written in December — January and posted first on a tomb website where it's fanfiction present anymore. The story is even longer than the first one which is also available here on FanFiction in my profileclocking over 10K words; for convenience of reading, it's split into 4 chapters — the story was written as a whole without explicit "chapters" in mind, but the division into parts is more-or-less plot-based, so you can read it part by part instead of trying to read it all in one sit which is probably close to 1 hour.

Lara Croft character and the Tomb Raider franchise as a whole are a property of their respective copyright owners. This story is not a part of the canon tomb is entirely a fanfiction written on the "fair use" basis, as a derivative work, without any intent of copyright violation. The author strongly does not approve practicing the depicted tortures or any kind of tortures as a method of obtaining information in real life; or any type of violence against the will of the subject.

If you find such scenes uncomfortable, or if you're not allowed to be exposed to such material by your local laws, you should not proceed. This story puts Lara into a different situation than we're used to see her in — she has to deal with human enemies who are very determined to find out the secrets she keeps, and won't stop to get this information from her. Expect the heroine to be a subject to beatings, low blows, BDSM-ish torture and such — and a bit of action with guns towards the end.

Lara here isn't a superhuman of any sorts or a videogame character, for that matter who would be able to handle any kind of damage relatively easily; she's tomb fit and trained, she knows how to use guns, etc.

She's aroundnot too much tanned skin, nice-looking slim athletic body. Clothing will be described in detail in the story itself. Regaining consciousness, Lara made a displeased sound and pulled her arm raider under the blanket to reach the alarm clock and stop it.