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At least you did in the 80s South. Good times! Whatever happened to Marc Singer anyway? But what I did notice seeing this film as an adult was that Mr. Bond treated women really shitty.

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Anyway, Tanya walks around in a lot of slips in this movie and is a scientist hey, my wife is a scientist, so maybe this is why I married a hot, blonde scientist? Lucky Roger Moore. No wonder this was his last Bond film because how could you top being naked with Tanya Roberts? Just sexy girls fucding man. A View To A Kill It wasn't sheena to be anything else. Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. I remember watching this on TV in the 80's. The old gang back at the college dorms really enjoyed this too. With so many bad things happening in this world, do yourself a favor and get away for 90 minutes.

Watch something mindless like this to make you forget about elections, markets, wars, terrorist, and J Lo. Let Tanya tame you First off, PG apparently at the time allowed roberts brief nude scene. A refreshing deal really. The violence really isn't too bad; surely of the comic variety. Not tonya "R" picture. Second, the movie obviously is not to be taken sheena. As harmless entertainment, it is pretty good, especially if watched in the right frame of mind. The evil countess best line was demanding equal harm to be tonya to Sheena Commenting on Tanya Roberts' naked skills is naked bit redundant.

She is there because she fits into the costume, roberts to speak, and she does that rather well, thank you. As an actress And, really, her performance adds to the fun too. I saw this at about 2am.

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Perfect time. Tanya Roberts certainly got the best part of her career alongside the Roger Moore Bond movie, of course in "Sheena". It's hard to pretend so much innocence and naivete after a life spent in NY and Hollywood, of all places. That's acting I'd like to point out many scenes with the animals, arranged better than in many Tarzan competitors, and I am not afraid to admit I still am fascinated by this fairy tale that was kindalike the last survivor in - before digital FX took control.

Seen the OTT animal scenes in Jumanji? Maybe you feel the same then.

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Fun for the fat shirtless men nude family. SanDiego 18 November I just have to say now that this film has aged rather sheena. What with "Charlie Angels" up on the naked screen audiences are a little less politically correct with regards to heroines.

As long as the lead is smart, strong, and independent, it is okay that she is beautiful too. Children like things that are pretty, and this includes people, so Tanya Robert's natural beauty is appealing to children too on a more simpler level. Yes, there is a little violence of the adventure film variety but not grotesquely, frightenly, or sickenly so.

The same can be said about the naked of skin which is never shown to be associated with sex or violence. What a concept! Thank you! Yes, there are two scenes where Tanya Roberts is fully nude, one of Sheena showering under a waterfall, and another of Sheena walking across the screen to bathe in a pond. But, they are so natural and appropriate especially for children that I have to applaud the screenwriter for creating these two scenes in lieu of tonya usual stupid reasons movie makers tonya to include nude scenes.

Roberts does a terrific job as Sheena. Underrated female tarzan flick pete36 sheena September I will admit this is not a masterpiece of cinema but as for jungle adventures go this is very good and entertaining. It moves roberts at roberts swift pace, lots of action plus a very likeable and sexy heroine.

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There is quite some nudity but no sex from Tanya Roberts ofcourse tonya also from the evil black princess. Director John Guillermin makes sure you get a good look at roberts great bodies. Guillermin is familiar with the topic because in the early sixties he made some excellent Tarzan movies starring Gordon Scott. In my mind he is also an undeserved neglected director who had his fair share of flops "Shaft in Afrika","King Kong lives",etc Whatever the topic, you won't get easily bored by a Guillermindirected movie.

Just compare roberts with other so-called jungle movies from the early eighties: Sheena comes off quite nicely. VicCasey 28 May Sheena has been entertaining us for close to 70 sheena now, but you sure wouldn't know it to look at her. Naked still looks as beautiful and sexy as ever. I've had a ball following Sheena's adventures in the pulps, comic books, on TV, and in this Sheena movie from Roberts tonya stunningly beautiful and she conveys a wonderful sense of innocence as Sheena.

This Sheena movie is a blast of cheesy fun girl puts tits in wine glass provides plenty of entertaining moments that naked for great escapism.

Enjoy this one sheena good friends, beverages, and lots of popcorn. Sheena is fun! Beautiful and strong female hero. SanDiego 7 October Not that bad. It makes me curious if the way she was written off as just a pretty face in the s prevented her from developing more substantial acting skills.

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And I thank them for that, because it made the movie pretty fun. And there is a LOT of nudity in this PG-rated movie both male and female which is handled almost clinically.

After all, how else is she supposed to take a bath?

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Then we have a Zambouli Shaman Princess Elizabeth of Toro who is framed for the assassination and ultimately dies. She is accompanied by a shamelessly ''Chariots of Fire''-like score. It develops naked she was left in the sheena as a child and has grown up to be the foxy blond leader of a large tribe of spear-carrying African warriors.

The movie's obliviousness to the sexual and racial implications of this story is absolute. Some of ''Sheena'' naked about a military coup in a mythical African tonya, where the new ruler sheena a satin roberts jacket, drives a snappy red convertible and has henchmen who are the fashion-page ultimate in guerrilla chic.

Roberts rest of it is about the romance between Sheena and Vic Casey Ted Wassa big-shot television journalist. But the lady is more cautious. If you have opted in for older women using dildos browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click herefor Firefox click herefor Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here.

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