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She may not be a complete UG, but despite being unattractive she did extremely well, and had more than enough options to turn down high status guys. The point here is that women are different, each one, and can attract men not just on looks.

Some UG's have a remarkable ability at seeking out men, often low status guys who have potential. UGs do okay.

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Recently a chubby and jolly guy I work with got a girlfriend. I don't ugly girls below 5, what's the point but this girl was definitely a 1, if even that. He fell hopelessly in love with her, they had a baby, and then she dumped him.

Sometimes I wonder if some women put more importance in having a baby than finding a man, and when they do get that baby they're happier than anybody in the world.

Of course, it would be better with a man, but nude you said, deep ugly they know they're not attractive, and they do what they can. I don't believe they're unhappy, or worse off than AFC guys, because an UG, no matter how ugly can find a man much easier than a total AFC can find a woman. Also, being in a relationship is not essential for happiness.

Even if they do decide at some forum they're too ugly to find anyone they still have hopes and dreams and goals in their lives and will do what they can to get those, and will find their happiness through that.

Many UGs Teen known are pretty awesome girls, despite not being attractive, and I've had some UG friends platonic, yeah I'm a shallow prick that I absolutely loved, and I know they were pretty happy much of the time.

Also realize that teen general women have more sexual power then men. The ugliest girl in a hip club where the looks LCD is not that low has more sexual power then the best looking guy. There are also a lot of very Hot girls out there who can't find a naked hot sexy black boys and are unhappy people, everyone is different.

Join Date Jan Gender: The life of an ugly chick is probably like the life of a dude that's really shy. They want attention. They just don't have the means to get it. Join Date Nov Gender: Just because a girl might be considered ugly doesn't mean she'll have even a sub-par life. This depends on more. Beauty does not make life. Now, if shes bitchy, fat, and low self esteem she'll probably hate most her life.

I don't think its that bad, there will always be a desperate AFC who will take anything he can grab. Originally Posted by Oneiricon. This is forum to my thread about women being dominant and having nude power of choice where as men have the power of influence.

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For girls who are not very attractive Physical attraction and beauty is the most powerful factors of influence that a woman posesses over a man. As masters says she would need to use teen intellegence and values etc. Yes nude is ugly In reverse men do not need beauty Beauty is the most commanding factor in our lives. Both men and women want it. We just go about getting it in different ways. Women strive to obtain beauty. And men strive to obtain beautiful women. Posts 25 Free porn ram rod 0 Post s Tagged 0 Thread s.

When I was out sarging last weekend I was constantly being watched by this one UG3. Her problems were all genetic not any fat or other factors like tattoos. She had a thin head, high hair line, no breasts and her body was thin but probably had more fat than muscle. forum

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Me and my friend decided to leave and go to another venue even though I was receiving plenty of IOIs. I knew ugly would be an easy game but I would also nude ashamed of flirting teen someone that teen. Yes I'm a prick and my standards are high but I want to game hot babes as to reduce my AA and eventually meet someone like Joanna Krupa or Petra Nemcova. Join Date Apr Gender: You make your reality. Just because a girl isn't attractive it doesn't mean she can't nude a good life ffs!

I've met HB9. Just because she can get any guy in the room it doesn't make her happy. Posts forum Mentioned 0 Post s Tagged 0 Thread s. Originally Posted by sigma. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I honestly have low standards so most of the time Ugly don't care or are to drunk to notice. Bustin my ass to save yours!!!!!! Personal Log: Clearly visible hair follicles on legs. Hate that. Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian. When you stop striving for perfection, you might as well be dead. Neither of them count. It changes who you are.

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