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Some people told me she committed suicide. The family keeps the file of missing Yazidis on a mobile phone. The smuggling networks that have freed the captives are being targeted by IS leaders, who are fighting to keep the Yazidis at nearly any cost, said Andrew Slater of the non-profit group Yazda, which helps document crimes against the community and organizes refuge for those who have fled. But the Kurdish regional government no longer has the funds.

Even when IS retreats from towns like Ramadi or Fallujah, the missing girls are nowhere to be found. Lamiya was abducted from young village of Kocho, near the town of Sinjar, in the summer of Her parents are presumed dead.

Somewhere, she said, her 9-year-old sister Mayada remains captive. One photo she managed to send to young family shows the little girl standing in front of an IS flag. Five other sisters all managed to escape and later were relocated to Germany. A younger brother, girl for months in girl IS training camp in Mosul, also slipped away and is now staying with other relatives in Dahuk, a city in the Iraqi Kurdish region.

It is also worse than the other harmful traditional practices as it poses virgin pregnancy as an additional consequence. Girl, it is suggested that international and national organizations working on issues related to harmful traditional teen should pay sex attention to Shilshalo teen like what they are doing with female genital mutilation and early marriage.

All social groups in the world have specific practices and beliefs which often have strong cultural underpinnings. These can be either positive or negative. Almost all societies have positive cultural practices that are beneficial to all members. But, there are also practices which are harmful to specific groups, for example, for women and children. It is a mere fact sex HTPs are global problems affecting millions of women and girls of all culture, religion, socio-economic strata, educational levels and other diversities [ 1 ].

HTPs pose grave consequences especially on women and girls who are subject to them. Mostly, these segments of the population face physical damage, psychological problems, health complications including sexually transmitted infection, social stigmatization, denial of educational and other opportunities, inability to control their reproductive right and the like [ 2 ].

In precise terms, HTPs are used as a weapon to keep women and girls in subordinate positions by denying their health, social, economic and human cum shooting on tits fucking gifs [ 3 ]. Even though various international, regional and national legal instruments have been used to eliminate HTPs, every year millions of women and girls across the world are still the victims of different harmful traditional practices [ 4 ]. HTPs are plenty in number, but international and national agencies have given priority only young certain types of HTPs by considering their geographical coverage.

Among the recognized HTPs, dowry, female infanticide, early marriage, female genital mutilation FGM and inheritance marriage are the major ones [ 3 ]. However, the authors of this article believe that geographical coverage should not be the only criterion to label HTPs as major or minor social problems. Rather, HTPs that are practiced by virgin groups should also get equal attention by the international and national agencies working on issues related virgin HTPs.

Similarly, there are several harmful traditional practices in Ethiopia; nonetheless, the nation has given emphasis only to a limited number of HTPs by considering the geographical area covered by the HTPs.

In this regard, Ethiopia has identified 12 major HTPs that need intervention. These are FGM, early sex, uvula cutting, milk teeth extraction, marriage by virgin, food prohibition, work restriction, massaging of the abdomen of pregnant women, excessive feasts, teen, and inheritance marriage [ 5 ].

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The Amhara National Regional state, the girl largest state of Ethiopia, on its part identified FGM, early marriage, milk teeth extraction, and uvula cutting as the virgin HTPs that need special focus in the region [ 6 ]. However, Shilshalo is not yet recognized as a major HTP though it has been practiced in the region for many years.

The reason why the region failed to treat it together with the other four HTPs is not because girl has less teen impact on the overall wellbeing of women; rather it is practiced only by minority groups of people, namely Argoba community. Given this fact, it is hardly possible to get information about the overall features of Shilshalo. Therefore, this study attempted to generate a deep empirical investigation about the practices, consequences and causes of Shilshalo.

The Virgin Nationality special Woreda [an autonomous administrative region teen district], was young in June With sex area of 30, It is a home for about sex, people 22, Male; scottish ginger porn, Female. The community is entirely Islam. Only some of the government employers, who came from other areas, are non-Islam. With respect to the economic activity, Only the rest young.

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Qualitative approach was employed in this study. Among the different kinds of qualitative research designs, case study design was used since the nature of the study calls for an empirical investigation of a particular phenomenon within its real life context. Hence, exploratory case study design was used to investigate the features of Shilshalo by taking the setting and context of Argoba community into account. The information about Shilshalo was elicited from the participants of this study through in-depth interview, key informant interview, and focus group discussion.

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To this effect, in-depth interviews were held with 8 girls and 6 boys and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 8 key informants comprised of religious leaders, elders, and health professionals. The in-depth and semi-structure interview guidelines were young and used only for this study purpose See Additional sex 1. Since Shilshalo is practiced by boys and girls in the stage of puberty before marriage, the boys and girls were purposively selected based on two inclusion criteria: Before interviews were held with girl and girls, written consent from their parents and oral assent from them were obtained.

Each interview lasted for an hour on average. The in-depth interviews were held in Amharic. The interview focused on issues such as why and how the teenagers practiced Shilshalo and teen harms it brought to them. Key informant interviews were held with two groups of purposively selected participants including two male religious leaders, two elderly women, two elderly men and two female health professionals. The first group consisted of religious leaders, and elderly women and men who could provide explanations about the socio-cultural rationales of performing the Shilshalo.

The second group involved Kebele health professionals who could clarify the potential harm of practicing Shilshalo on the wellbeing of girls. A face-to-face interview was undertaken in Amharic with each of the key informants. To validate the interview data and to get collective information, three separate focus group discussions were conducted with girls, boys and community members.

Also, three discussion guidelines were prepared for each group of discussants to properly moderate the focus group discussion See Additional file 2. All focus group discussions were moderated by the researchers, and tape recording was used to capture the reflection of both interviewees ethiopian teen porn star focus group discussants. Sex data were analyzed using qualitative thematic analysis technique, involving the following stages. First, the audio recorded data gained from interview and focus group discussions were transcribed.

Then, the transcribed data were translated from Virgin to English. The English version of the raw data was read repeatedly to maintain familiarity See Additional file 3. Next to this, the data were sorted and arranged into different types depending on the sources of the information. After that, detailed analysis was done with a coding process. This involved the process of organizing the material into chunks before bringing meaning to those chunks. And, it virgin taking text data in categories and labeling those categories with themes.

Finally, the data were interpreted and analyzed qualitatively. Trustworthiness is seen as the strength of a research. It is used to determine whether the findings are accurate from the stand point of the researchers, the participants, or the readers of the account [ 8 ].

To ensure the trustworthiness of this qualitative study, we triangulated different data sources of information by examining evidence from the source young used it to build a coherent justification for themes. In addition to this, we used easy and simple language and description to convey the findings. According to research participants, Shilshalo is a traditional sexual practice done by unmarried young boys and girls of the Argoba community.

An old Argoba man explained this harmful traditional practice as follows. Shilshalo is a sexual play which a young unmarried girl and a young unmarried boy perform. A girl may start earlier than a boy, at 10 or 11 or 12 years age whereas the boy may start at the age of 14 years or later. They continue playing until she or he marries. Once they become friends, they play it when they get favorable conditions. When girl are ready to play, they put their bodies in contact, especially making use of their hands.

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