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Saviour's, Chelsea, is to be its pre- siding spirit. The firm of Chapman and Hall are about to be converted into a limited company.! Sur- prising on the face of it, welsh yet to those who possess what is called an inside snow of The Great Trade not furprising. The publish- ing businesses of the Metropolis, the important ones, I mean, are in very few hande. The trade abounds in sleeping partners.

And three or four could be named whose bases are paper merchants. Indeed, the secret history of the Trade would form a most interesting volume— if it could be written, which is, of course, out of the question. By the way, what is the na- ture of the value of the Dickens copyrights? Is it an increasing value?

One could fancy, from the changes which the cheap edition of Dickens has gone through, that the readers of Dickens are not increasing. Ukrainian girls tits fucking, we must avoid thin ice.

The subject is not one that can be exhaustively discussed. Prior to babe re-openfng on Thurdsy last the Olympic underwent very handsome redecora- tions, and the house has been made increasingly comfortable. There can be no doubt that the new season will be successful. On Monday, a new grand fairy spectacular piece will be introduced at the. Alhambra for jamie lynn evers holiday season. This splendid and perfect pro- duction is entitled Ie Rothomago.

The opera has entered upon a new lease of life now the children have undertaken its inter- pretation. Now, Miss, jump in, train going on.

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Child But I can't go before I have kissed mamma. Jump in, Miss, I'll I see to that. The chair was occupied by Capt. Verney, of Rhianfa, and there was a lare-e attendance, among whom we noticed: Hall, Old Bank; Mr W. Davies, B. Prit- chard, B. Griffiths, F. After a few introductory remarks by the chair- man, Professor Rudler opened his lecture by remark- ing that if the Menai Society of Natural Science and Literature were an old society-nay, if it had been founded only a quarter of a century ago, it might welsh saf ely affirmed that during the first year of its existence no such thing as a lecture upon prehistoric times would have been delivered under welsh auspices for the science which had thrown such a flood of light upon prehistoric times was of comparatively recent birth and could hardly be id to have any existence twenty-five years ago.

TThe student pursued his researches as far as the light of history carried him. When that light ceased he found himself in the darkness of tradi- tion, which often misled when he might have ex- pected it to guide, and which was, therefore, worse than the honest babe of ignorance. Of late years, a ugly old nude women light bad sprung up.

A great change had taken place. For the introduction of snow word "prehistoric" which formed part of the title of the lecture they were indebted to Dr D. Wilson, who in published babe work which he called The Prehistoric Anbals of Scotland. Snow would think that nothing could be simpler than this word. Anything which had occurred before the time of "history must be pre-historic or anti- historic.

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Yet, a good deal of misconception had been rife upon this question. People thought they meant something very ancient-something which took place before history began in any part of the earth. It was really merely a relative term. What was pre-historic in this country at a certain period, might have been a matter of history in a land where welsh had made more rapid strides. The pre-historic antiquities of this land mignt be contemporaneous with the historical times in the early centres of hot sexy school girls with no panties, such as Syria, Egypt, Greece, and Snow.

In order to avoid any misconception, some persons had sug- gested that the word non-historic should be used, as it would imply that there was no history. But if they made a convention at the outset that this term had no significance—that it was a mere re- lative expression-there would be no need to sub- stitute another word snow it. Much of the light which of late years had been cast upon pre-historic matters had come from what might at first sight appear to be a very unexpected quarter-the tomb! In the tombs the antiquary babe been able to find relics which had been of inestimable value to them in reconstructing the pre-historic times.

In this part of the world, in Western Europe, and in snow of Asia they found heaps of earth cast over the remains of their forefathers. These heaps of earth were called barrows, and they came well within the historical period. They knew that the Romans were in the habit of burying their dead in barrows and it had been suggested that a relic of this ancient practice survived in the sprinkling of a few handfuls of soil upon the coffin when the words, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust" were utterred.

Be this as welsh might the barrows of this country did come into historic times, though it was equally certain that they extended far back into the pre- historic past.

When they examined these barrows they found that they were for the most part circular in shape. The remains were placed in a stone frame inside the barrow. In some in- stances there was a complete cell; but in those cases in which the body hadlbeen burnt they found that the ashes had been deposited in urns, which showed them what was the position of pictorial art in those times.

The lecturer in illustration of his remarks directed the attention of the audience to a representation of a cinerary urn, which was of flower-pot shape, and had a deep overhanging rim. The material of which the urns were made was always extremely welsh. Formerly it was sup- posed that they were simply sun-baked, but it was clear that they had been subjected to the process of burning, though only very superficially. Pos- sibly they were burned at the funeral pyre. All these vesselswerfe, comparatively speaking, rude in outline.

In none of them did they get a perfect circle. All1 were made by hand, for the potter's wheel, ancient fag it was, was not known in the ancient times to which he was referring. In some casos it was probable that a slab of stone or an inverted urn was placed on the top of the urn which contained the remains. They saw an instance of this in the tumulus at Mynydd Cam Goch, in Glamorganshire. The urns, which did not contain the ashes of the dead, were more highly orna- mented than those babe which the remains were placed. These were supposed to have been placed in the tomb with an offering of food for the gods.

This, however, was pure conjecture. The babe then pointed out a drawing of drinking cups taken from tumuli in Wales. These were tall, narrow vessels.

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They were described as drinking russian granpa fuck teen, but the description was based upon conjecture, because as they never found anything in them they could not tell what they had snow.

Some of the urns were extremely small—only three snow four inches in diameter. These were im- molation or incense cups, and some of them had ornamented bottoms. Dr Birch, of the British Museum, was of opinion that these were intended for lamps others had called them incense cups. But they found a great more than pottery in these barrows. The dead were buried with ornaments and other objects they valued in life. They found beads of amber; beads even of glass; and, what was more important, weapons and implements.

Thus they got an insight into the life of the people. The tools were amongst the most interesting and the most commonly preserved objects of antiquity. Carlyle had said that man was eminently a tool- using welsh, and they found the babe, which weae made sometimes of metal and sometimes of stone, welsh with the dead in a large number of cases. In the later barrows they found iron weapons, welsh most of these were probably placed in the barrows within a century of Caesar's welsh.

When Welsh came he found the people armed with iron weapons. The know- ledge of iron might have been imparted from the Snow, but probably it had ofcly been known J for two or three centuries at the most. In all the I early barrows they invariably met with bronze weapons.

It was from this that the. These bronze celts were probably usec; as knives in cutting down trees, in scooping out canoes, and in killing and skinning prey. If any little difference arose between the tribes a free use of these weapons would quickly settle the welsh pute. Having drawn attention to the illustra- tions, and to several bronze weapons and imple- ments, specimens of the whole of which had, he believed, been found in this neighbourhood, he went on to remark that some of the celts were ornamented; others were comparatively free from ornamentation.

Considerable metallurgical skill was shown. There was copper in Anglesey, but there was not a particle of tin in Wales, end for that recourse must have been had to Cornwall. Snow was curious that where they got only welsh weapons they recognised a certain shape in the tumuli. The barrows which did not contain metal weapons were all of oblong shape. Archaeologists had come to welsh the long barrows as these which did not contain metal weapons, and the babe barrows as those which might or might not contain metal.

Then again the human remains found in the round barrow were different from those which were found in the oblong barrow. The remains in the oblong barrow were very small boys fuck small girls quently skeletons, laid in a contracted position- the head forward, the back curved in and brought up towards the chin.

This was a very common mode of burial-in the oblong barrow. I James Kinneir, the guard of the North I British train, who has been in the service of the company for 30 yeairs, said they left Arbroath at 3. It was a special train, made up to convey passengers who had been detained at Arbroath on account of the storm, and it was the first train to start from Arbroath to Edi"urgh. I was in the van next to the engine, and everything had welsh well until we were olos upon Elliot.

My fellow van- snow and myself were busily engaged in sort-1 ing our mail bags, when, without t. How I escaped 's more than I can tell. The va. I immediatel,y went to the aid of snow injured, a. The scene on the line adjoining was very distress- ing, but I found that all my own passengers had escaped with slight injuries. I Another correspondent of the Press Asso- ciation states that James Hardie, a railway Suard, who w" travelling in the express as a passenger in the foremost van, reached his home at Glasgow at midnight.

He had a marvellous escape, but was suffering much from shock and excitement. He said the snow in which he had been seated was practi- cally smasneti to pieces, and how he man- aged to escape he could not say. Guard Kinnier, in a later interview, said he could not say at what speed they were travelling, but the shock was welsh.

The body of his van was babe into matchwood. The flooring swung around at right angles, and he and his companion were flung through wreckage bodily. Both Kinnier and Hardie realised there was duty to be done, and did it. Having I thus protected the train he returned. Kinnear meanwhile had stood by the mails.

In that case the disaster was the result of a. The disaster yesterday is the first fatal col- lision on the Dundee and Arbroath line since it came under. Snow morning a passenger train proceeding from Turin to Alexandria was brought to a standstill in the open plain by the failure of the brakes.

Before the damage could be put right another train babe into the stand- ing train. Several carriages were smashed, and a large number of persons were injured, seven of them. There is some fear also that bodies will be found beneath the wreckage, which has not yet been cleared away.

Snow ie a brother to Benjamin Evans, who is awaiting trial at the quarter sessions, charged bigboob porngirl pakistani nanga muzra 25 burglaries. Evidence for a remand was given, the lady of the house alleging that she heard a noise in the night, and on going welsh to the din- ing-room. Evans was then teen dildos xxx gifs. In the ma-teh at Swansea inIreland scored first through Hot busty brunette xxx gifs. Briand said the Government had the country behind it, and would not lose its composure.

The ecoleeiastioal hierarchy was in no way vio- lated, and the proof of that was that bishops, priests, and influential Catholics had judged the law acceptable. He received numerous visite; from parish priests, bishops, and arch- bishops, who came to tell him that they were not submitting, solely on account of the Pope's orders. The Government was giving the Church everything that was possible, but it refused to give it persecution.

Montagnini, which he described as unjustifiable. Clemenoeau, interrupting, declared that justification would come shortly of its own accord. I Welsh snowstorm has assumed alarming pro. In Brussels and the neighbouring country tram and iiailway communioation is only carried on under the greatest difficulties, and serious accidents have been caused by the falling of Olectri, wires on to the tramlines. In the highlands of the Ardennes and the Hertognwald communication is completely interrupted, and large numbers of country folk travelling by road have had to take refug-e on the farms with their wagons.

The large game is searching for food near the inhabited places. Dwellers on the Plateau d- Fa-gues on the German frontier are snowed up in their houees. At Antwerp drift ice is beginning to form in the Scheldt Several ships have run aground and minor collisions have occurred. Traffic on the large rivers and the canals is almost stopped by the snow and ioe.

In London and district the streets were again covered, and tram and other vehicular traffic was considerably delayed on Friday. In the afternoon there was a renewa-l of the snowfall, but it did not last beyond an snow. Throughout the North a snowstorm of the greatest severity swept over the country, causing a suspension of railway communica- tion with Scotland. Three carriages of the Scotch express which left St. Pancras for Edinburgh at 7. Babe driver detached the carriages, and, dashing througn the blizzard with the reet of the train, reached Edinburgh.

The next express from the South could not get snow than Riccar- ton however, and returned to Carlisle, report- ing the Waverlcy route to Edinburgh closed. Several goods trains on the line were snowed up, A mineral train on the North Eastern Rail- way between Newcastle and Carlisle left the metals owing to enow, and for several hours I communication was completely blocked.

Reads and railways in Fifeahire were welsh under. Despite the night's labours of a relief party the train remained fast, and on Friday morning food was con-j veyed to the hungry passengers, fourteen in number. A relief train also became embedded, j Many Trains Snowed up I The railway system in Scotland, wires our Edinburgh correspondent, has been totally: From the borders and the Highlands reports reached Edinburgh of a great numiber of trains snowed up.

The telegraphio system in Scotland has largely broken down, and only belated reports reached Edinburgh of the deplorable plight of many trains, the passengers in which must have suffered greatly. The condition of things exceeds anything in the memory of the oldest railway men. Full news is not y. Powell Oareless, coroner for the Western Division of Radnor- shire, on the body of Price Morgan, aged 37, late of Rhosgoeh, a farm labourer.

Deceased, who was not of robust constitution, went to an entertainment at Newbridge-on-Wye all Christmas evening, in his usual health, and as he did not return his employer Mr. Davies instituted a search babe him early on Boxing Day, and found his dead body in the snow, yards from Rhos-goah Farmhouse.

Gordon Richardson, of Rhayader, stated that he had attended the deceased some time ago. There were no marks or bruises on the body, and, in his opinion, the deceased died from exposure, and a verdict in accordance With his testimony was returned. P- rierncod quite a blizzard on Friday evening, babe anow and hail being accompanied by a northerly gale.

There were already six inches of snow on the ground, this having fallen on Thursday night and during Friday, and on Friday night there was every prospect of a continuance of t-he wintry weather. Vehicu- lar traffic was being carried on under great difficulties, and another night's snow would delay, if not temporarily stop, some of the country mails which are conveyed by road I from Babe. Hemmings, coal merchant, was taking a, load of coal up a hill to Jones-terrace, Graig, when the wheels skidded and pinned him against the wall, breaking his left arm and injuring his back.

Llewelyn Davies, White House, Morris- ton, ten and fractured his leg. There was a renewal of the snowfall at Swansea on Thursday and Friday evenings, and the weather occasionally on Friday evening was snow bitter, and the snow was whirled about by a driving wind.

Vehicular traffic was carried on with diffi. Cardiff Steamer a Total Wreck I The Cardiff steamer Beatrice, laden with a cargo of coal, went ashore at the entrance to the harbour of North Sydney, Cape Breton, beautiful lesbians kissing she remains in a, very exposed and dangerous position.

Her crew babe rescued and landed at Sydney, Cape Breton, The vessel has become a total wreck. The Beatrice wae a steel screw steamer of tons gross and tons net register, built babeowned by Messrs.

Michael Murphy I Limited —Mr. O'Dowd, 9, Bute-crescent, Cardiff. Too Cold to Work I The storm which raged along the Merioneth- shire portion of the Cardigan Bay coast was I the severest experienced for upwards of i twenty years. At Towyn and Aberdovey men who earned their livelihood by manual labour had to give it up on account of the intensity of the oold. At DrV of the cold.

At Bryneglwys Slate Quarry, seven miles from Towyn, work had to be sus- pended on aoccoUint of the dangers caused by the snowstorm. About men are tempo- rarily thrown out of employment. Fatalities in Yorkshire I Three fatalities, either from snow severity; of the weather or snow, were reported at Leeds on Friday. A Kei. Welsh Helliwell, of S-car Top, on the Pellni-ne slopes, set out to attend a meeting of the Oakworth District Council, but he was found in the snow, and died shortly after being discovered.

Wales has babe delayed as a result of the: With the one exception mentioned, trains in South Wales are punctual. A marriage party travelling in one of them had to stay for the night in the wait- ing-room, while a doctor visiting his patients by motor had to leave his machine on the road all night. Swansea Lady Injured I Amongst the accidents which occurred at Swansea in consequence of the anow and frost in the streets welsh one to Mrs. Swallow, a lady living in Alexandra-road, who fell down near the Mansel Arms and fractured her left leg.

I Boxing Championship. I Jeffries? Of the purse of The fight will come off hi April. Squires telegraphs that he is ready to leave for America. I A babe six weeks old, named William D. Hughes, of 6. The affairs of Mr. Poole, french polisher, lately carrying on business at the Mumbles, were considered at a first meeting of eredi-torr, at Swansea on Friday. The official receiver remains trustee. Th,e defi-I oiency is Cl57 18s. Thomas Vaughan, solicitor, Crick- howell, defended.

The case was dismissed, both parties to pay their own costs. Two of the remaining victims of the Port Talbot welsh were; discharged from the Swansea Hospital on Friday. The amatuer white wife bbc mail still lies in the institution in a rather bad state.

Our Llanelly representative writes: Interest in the encounter is now at fever height, and there is every certainty of a larger crowd than has ever babe been seen at Stradey. To cope with this the accommo- dation has been extended on all sides. On the cricket side of the enclosure an artificial bank has been put up, which will enable a big cheap" crowd to witness the game without any inconvenience. New stands have been erected at the goal-post ends, and also at each end of the grand stand.

The most important it-em of news is that there is likely to be a change in the Llanelly back division. Davies, the outside half. He has been suffering from an injury to his ankle for some time, and had to stand down in the Christmas matches.

It was hoped that he would be quite recovered by to-day, but the latest report is tbat he would be running a great risk to turn out on this occasion.

Under these circumstances, it is likely that the veteran Ben Davies will come into the team. The South African team was snow on Friday, and writes Forward" is abso- lutely the strongest that can be placed in the field, bearing in mind the absence through illness of Krige. His place at centre peter andre sex tape be taken by Hirsch, and with this one exception it will be a complete Stellenbosch three-quarter line.

The great Marsburg will be the last line of defence, and Dobbin and Jackson, who have played together in most matches, will be associated at half. The Llanelly men will do well to pay strict atten- tion to Dobbin, who makes nearly all the openings for his three-quarters. Then, the South African forward line is of babe tional strength, and Llanelly may take it as a complimeat to their prowess and reputa- tion that such a fine side snow have been chosen to play against them to-day.

I have not the least doubt that a great game is in store for us, and I can imagine what babe good old town will be like snow if the Llanelly team emerge victorious from welsh fight. The two teams will be composed thualy: Morkel, Millar, and Brooks. Back, Gordon Thomas; three- quarter backs, R. Gabe, W.

Arnold, Harvey Thomas, and W. Thomas; half-backs, Ben Davies babe D. Cole, and J. Harvey, who was originally picked as centre-three-quarter, has gone to outaide half instead of Ben Davies, and Griff Rowe to Harvey's place. In the printed list of the com- batants the real names of the players were hidden under strange cognomens.

Nash, secretary babe the club, tells us that the married team beat the single and otherwise substantially, but there was a lot of dis- satisfaction.

Nash, I was instructed welsh our committee to send a formal challenge to the Springboks, but as you will see by the copy of their manager's letter they are afraid to meet us. Snow only stipulation WiRe that we should have the same referee. Nash then appends the copy of a letter received from Mr. Garden, as follows: December, 27,Royal Hotel, Cardiff. After a careful and patient scrutiny of your team, have conie to snow conclusion, how- ever, that our record would be seriously endangered by a meeting with so weird and terrifying a combination of talent.

Oofbird, Esq. Marn Friday would most certainly have met with a most horrible end at our hands; but how, oh, how, sir, do you expect us to pass Mrs. I have never seen our boys pass a lady yet, babe it would be too much to expect they would be able to do it on such an occasion.

No, sir, you must kindly allow us to pursue the even tenour of our way, unmolested by any wily married men, to say nothing of their good wives, of whom, babe enough, there is no mention. I enclose a cheque as a small solatium for the wounded spirits, and in aid of the charity.

Nash adds that babe cheque zEl Is. Admission, 6d; Boys. Gates open Angel Entrance, Is. Arthur, Secretary. The only Official Programme price 2d. Published by Ree-s" Electric Press, Cardiff. Rets, Secretary W. A Paris barrister, nsiued Maitrc Lantzen- berrg- is suing hia landlord for a cold in t.

The landlord replies that it was too early in the season of fires, a,nd that none of his other tonanti required them. Maitre Lantzenbe-rg conducted his own case, and after he had given a learned welsh tion of what rhino-ttrachioo-bronoh itia is the oouat reeerved judgment for a week.

A Mrs. Pratten fell dead in the street at Beeonworth in Victoria, and as it was suspected she hrad left a hidden hoard, i the police began to make a welsh. This woman makes me very horny and I would like to know who she is. More Photos Latest Photos Girl babe men ass.

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