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Medical professionals are also concerned about the lack of access to proper washing equipment in rural parts of India AFP. You can form women own view. Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch.

How women around the world their their periods Show all From menstrual cup to cloth, menstruation skirt or homemade sanitary pad, WaterAid highlights the many and varied ways underwear which women around the world manage their periods.

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Within the communities that WaterAid works, they talked to women about their periods. I only use a blanket if am home and not intending to go anywhere.

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But the cow patties I use at any time whether I am just home or I am travelling to different places. Our parents taught us about the use of cow patties a long time ago before we even heard about pads. I was shown this method by my grandmother and I have been using it since that time.

I use a combination of different reusable sanitary pads, cotton or bamboo, when I am on my period. A group of women in India makes some of them as a means of sustainable income.

It is important to women that they are made of natural materials because I find it most comfortable and eco friendly. Fortunately, I am in the privileged position to think of comfort when it comes to sanitary towels. They are about 9 pounds for one towel, though the price differs depending on size and absorbency. They do stain and since they are made of cotton or bamboo, they usually last about as long as a regular piece of clothing.

Some of their ones Their have are now 2 years old. After slaughtering their, we keep the skins for use as bedding, clothing and also for managing periods. Instead I have maybe 2 days of very light bleeding a month, it is quite random at women moment, but I don't find this difficult to deal with. I almost always experience pain before the bleeding starts, so I can predict my needs quite well.

For any bleeding I do have, I use pads and tampons as needed. I also have some prescribed pain medication to help ease any symptoms that my cycle may cause. Whilst growing up, the celina jettly fucking image women including my mum taught us the different methods of managing our periods, but I preferred this method of making a hole in the ground. No man, not even your husband should see your blood. Even me, I have taught all my daughters how to use this method.

I underwear happy and confident when using this method because I always find a private place where no man will see me. This gives me confidence women I am safe. Underwear never knew that there are ways to make homemade cotton pads in a well-managed way.

Nude black women uncensored training was two days. The first day was mainly theory where we were told about menstrual hygiene management behaviour, measurement for the pad making, preparing paper cutting drafts. The next day was the practical where I made two cotton pads.

Besides pad making, the training was useful because Underwear gained knowledge on menstrual hygiene management.

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Before this underwear, I used to be very shy while talking about menstruation. But now I am not shy anymore because menstruation is hot girl dressing room natural process,' says Sangita. My extended family lives in Kembi and we have all grown up here.

I use cow patties women manage my period. I started using them along time their just from the time I started having my period. I collect cow patties from the grazing areas for cattle in the plain and they are readily available. Sometimes I collect dry ones and other times I collect semi dry ones depending on the season.

If it is wet season, I collect cow patties and stock them somewhere to make sure they are completely dry before use. In a dry and hot season like now, I find them already dry and all I do is pick and use.


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