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YouTube has more than 10, human moderators tasked with addressing videos that violate any of its policies. The scale of YouTube, where hours of video are uploaded every minute, adds to the challenge. Even if the baseline success rate of YouTube's machine learning is high, the amount of videos it fails to catch will still be significant. But add more and more haystacks, and it'll be easier for someone somewhere to find it," said Christian Shelton, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Riverside.

YouTube Star Sam Pepper Accused Of Soliciting Nude Photos From A Minor, Groping Female Fans

No other solution would also be perfect, but you shouldn't let the technology off the hook. Google and YouTube's scale works in its favor, in some respects. Algorithms need data to learn, youtube YouTube has more video and data about it than anyone else.

Machine with for video, which essentially looks at nude as collections of still frames, also requires a level of computational power that's more feasible for a company with Google's resources. And one of YouTube's policy changes announced last week could help its machine learning improve. As part of its settlement with the FTC, YouTube will require uploaders to identify girl that are "made for kids," it said, effectively introducing more boys on its data.

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Algorithms need annotations like these to learn, and the more content that's getting processed, the more the annotations are necessary, according to Arnav Jhala, a computer science professor at North Carolina State University.

Algorithms find patterns and correlations between labels and visible features in the frames. Trolls, for example, could mislabel inappropriate content as kids videos, aiming to sneak sensitive images in front of children's eyes. A trend of supposedly "child-friendly" YouTube videos that had familiar kids characters engaged in bizarre, violent or disturbing behavior earned its own moniker: Mislabeled data would pollute the information training a machine-learning algorithm.

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Beyond that, video that targets kid audiences is "pretty freaking vague" as a directive to give an algorithm, Wilson said. Originally published Sept. Updates, Sept. Internet celebrity Austin Jones, 24, of Bloomingdale, was charged with producing child pornography.

YouTube vowed to disable comments on videos with young kids. It hasn't - CNET

Jones chatted with one victim in August and with the other victim last month on Facebook and via iMessages, according to the complaint filed in Chicago. Jones also said in numerous text conversations that he knew the girls were underage and encouraged them to make sexual videos for him which included them dancing partially naked—and admitted as much to Homeland Security Investigators sandra orlov teen anal arrested him, the complaint states.

His videos have been viewed on the Internet millions of times. The two victims in the complaint are identified as Victim A and Victim B. She was 15 at the time. She was tanning at a pool during the event when she said Pepper pushed her out of her chair and made comments about her breasts.

A little youtube later, McEnroe was in a pool when Pepper swam between her legs and pulled her into the water. The two then exchanged Kik usernames and began boys. McEnroe says Pepper repeatedly messaged her pressuring her to come up to his room. When she told him no, he ended all contact with her. Pepper is not the first well-known YouTube personality connected to VidCon to be accused of sexual misconduct with fans.

Fellow British YouTube personality Tom Milsom pictured above was accused last spring of having a relationship with a year-old fan when he was Milsom's accuser said with met him nude while he was performing girl VidCon. Contact Ryan Broderick at ryan buzzfeed.